GG4 not dryin out

This is about a 10 week GG4, outside grow. The problem is she’s not drying out and I’m almost postive I planted her too deep…have clipped off a couple big fans leaves but not helping, also drilled more holes in pot. Any other suggestions? She needs

some fertilizer but don’t want to drown her.

Planting deep has nothing to do with the soil not being dry. Just saying….that deals with watering and maybe not enough drainage holes.

Best place for drainage holes is the bottom. If you pour water in the middle, the holes on the side will be worthless for proper draining.

Best advice…use fabric bags next time. It will make your life so much easier.




I think your plant looks good. Just let it dry between waterings. It will dry if you don’t water it. Fabric pots are definitely the way to go.

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Yep fabric pots will be here tomorrow…thanks everyone!


They are nice. Just be careful not pouring at the edge as it will drop out there and you ending up wasting nutrient water.