Gg4 auto 80 days old


Looking good

im starting to get impatient lol but im resisting

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Patience Grasshopper.

Your almost there you got this what the tris looking like

they are hard to ready as i dont have steady hands but they seem to be cloudy, here are there ill see amber on the buds but not much, maybe 3 days ago they were def clear so hopefully she’ll change fast


I’d say you’re really close. This banana kush is coming down Sunday.


what are you using to look at the trichomes? The microscopes you can connect to your phone are far better than jewelers loops and cheap on Amazon. I found on my first grow the time to go from cloudy to amber was 2 to 3 weeks. You don’t want any clear trichomes Better to err by being a little late than to early. Clear trichomes will not get you high. Amber ones will.

i have a loupe, i dont think id even have enough time to order the 1 for the phone for this grow

She looks like can take a bit more. That gg will lock you down hard if go too far though. This strain is my goto for meds. I keep several going and clones. My edibles from this are perfect for pain. Looking good. This is a pic of another mother being flipped. I dropped her transferring to a 20. Broke main. Rebuilt her structure and should produce well.

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yea i have an unsteady hand and i cant tell if im looking at bud or sugar leaves half the time with the loupe i have, i did chop and trim a bud from the first branch after the main cola and it looks a tad bit like it may be ready

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Gg4 is so potent that if hit a touch early still strong. Last harvest was last sunday. I did it a week later than planned since left town. Got very sticky but harvested well. I have pushed early/middle/late. In my opinion…just mine…you are in the window. Amber on the leaves is common. Without a closeup cant tell but all pistils are brown and curly you are harvestable with this stuff. Just my opinion. Infusing 8 oz of popcorns today into coconut oil.

how long did your gg go before harvest, like full life cycle

No clue…lol. I have been cloning this plant almost 2 years. Came as an auto bean but wasnt. I grow her in big pots/ little pots…etc. I just watch her moods and harvest depending on use. Cloudy to smoke. 30% amber or so for edibles. Some clones are faster than others. Stress will speedem up but kill size. Maybe 13 weeks flower last mother with 2 months veg? Auto no clue but i would bet 2-3 weeks beyond what seedbank says. Patience right now will pay off.

ok lol, i started 1 with lst a minth after these 2 and im short on room lol, plus 1 of the plants has foxtailed a bit so i may just go ahead and chop her out of the way

if the 80 days are from popping head above soil, yeah, you still have some time. generally an auto is 8-12 weeks after it’s in flower. not from popping soil.

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i use a tripod with my microscope to look at my trichomes. i’m generally not shaky and still can’t hold the dang thing still enough or long enough to get it in focus. LOL!

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@patmari i have some photos of last girl in show your buds thread. Was a big girl. She gave almost 5 pounds wet. Down to 15 oz dry.

with auto’s you can probably count on 12-15 weeks from popping head above soil.

I had a hard time using a jewelers loop as well. You probably have more time than you think. It’s normal for amber trichomes to show early. You can go then go a long time waiting for the clear trichomes to change to cloudy despite there being amber trichomes. I harvested a GSC and a BB on the same day at 67 days as the ratio of trichomes looked identical. The GSC was perfect, the BB was trash. You will not kick yourself for waiting. You will kick yourself for harvesting too soon. I harvested my GG at 84 days and it also turned out really well. I let it go 17 additional days over the others.