Gg4 auto 10 weeks flower

Mistake happen man. I wasted some amazing genetics my first couple of months. Actually that first year was a trainwreck. You learn and grow. Just keep at it.

Also dont take everything for gospel. Retest and recheck yourself. Research even the little we’ve talkd about. Find out what causes hermies. ILGM genetics? If not whose? Go back over basic minut things that happend.

Did I miss a watering day or 3 in flower?

Did temps spike or bottom out unexpectedly?

Check the grow area when u expect lights out, is the lights actually off?

U said u had an earlier hermie, clean the room and reset. Pollen finds a way.

Its not rocket science. Chances are something small slipped thru and things can get bad quickly. U see a couple seeds in some honestly good looking smoke. Dont be so hard on yourself. Solid harvest all the same.


i know man, jus been going through it lately and already have depression before all the recent events, i wont get into my personal life but when i say severely depressed i mean tht to the fullest- i blew 15k in 2 and a half months just on green to try to suppress it all, this is what led me to grow

I understand dude. Depression is real. Growing is supposed to be therapeutic so if its hurting more then helping, ur probably doing it wrong :laughing:.

All the same dont give up so easily. The rewards can save a wallet’s life! Trust me



This bud aint no slouch man. Successful grow


much appreciation man

That bud ain’t no slouch for sure. Even the best mentors on here have things come up that scrap grows.


Don’t give up growing patmari! I have depression and anxiety. I will say my anxiety has increased a lot over the past two years. I don’t like driving or going into a store. People just seem to be so angry and rude these days. I rarely check Facebook or nextdoor because of all the negativity.

I just sprouted two high CBD seeds hoping they may help my brain.

Best to you!