GG4 and a Runtz with Jack's 321

Only kinda jail we prefer. Besides, orange don’t look good with green! :sweat_smile:

Gonna be some good smoke from all that hard work, for sure.


Well it was over eleven hours trimming with two of us. I stayed home today and finished it up. I’m honestly shocked at the results. I was sure I broke the pound mark this grow but didn’t know by this much. All in there is 712.24 grams of GG4 now mostly curing in groves. I filled a moonshine jar with it to go ahead and smoke. I got 22.22 grams of runtz from the cup grow. That’s 734.96 grams (26 oz.) of bud from this grow. I didn’t believe it myself but I have photographic evidence…

That jar in the front is almost full of kief from the trim tray. Last grow I didn’t even get it 1/4 full. GG4 may have more trichs than zkittles, idk. But I’ll give a lot of the credit to adding UVA light.

I’ll admit that after there was a pound bagged up we started trimming a little faster and probably more sloppy. Either way it’s a damn good haul. Just over 2 grams per watt. I thought I did good last grow at 1.3 grams per watt or so. Didn’t have any really big buds but there was a frickin ton of decent ones.

After trimming Layla’s buds I can say with certainty that I’ll never grow another plant without lollipopping it. Tedious work trimming all those little lower buds. Thanks to all of you who helped me out along the way and thanks to Jack’s 321 and HLG. I’m gonna kick back on the couch for the night and let my back recover from sitting for so long.


Outstanding grow…great grower :bat: :rofl: :vulcan_salute:


That is so Awesome :sunglasses: Congratulations on your harvest :blush::v:

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Thanks @Flitme and @thecount13. Two successful indoor grows now. I still have a lot to learn and a ton of stuff I want to try.


Now that’s a Monster haul!
What’s the smoke report? Your soil, nutes, and light are nearly Identical to mine

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The taste is kind of a mix of earthy and sour. But there’s an almost fruity sweetness behind it. Can’t wait for it to cure and see how the terps develop. I tried to take it at peak THC this time so it’s pretty dang strong. I made a couple pucks from the kief last night. Tried one out and I went to sleep about three hours earlier than usual and didn’t get back up til about an hour ago. I’m sure being tired from trimming factored into that, but I’m happy with it.

I’m very happy to have a good stockpile. Gonna give me the opportunity to experiment a little.


Thanks for the write up. Sounds like the perfect ending