GG4 and a Runtz with Jack's 321

I freakin love it lol

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That looks awesome, have to try it next tume


Outstanding brother!

Keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Had a defoliation session with a couple of the girls today. They’re on day 21 of flower. Last day of MKP and a nice trim. I’ll trim the other one up in a week or so. I should have taken pics of them while they were out of the tent. It gets hot in that room and I was ready to go. Did get some evidence that shows the deed was done though, lol.

I put another four inch fan in the bottom of the tent. That makes two. They’re between the plants, blowing up. Still just using one oscillating fan above the canopy. It’s about embarrassing how uneven I let them get but shit happens. Girls are looking good and getting plenty of light anyway.

Layla, the tallest one, is still growing taller somehow. She was 15" from the light when I last adjusted it a week or two ago. Now she’s 9" from it. Not seeing any light burn so I’m just going to keep the light where it’s at.


Forgot to mention that the two that are finished with MKP have been switched to the new recommend Jack’s recipe (3.79/2.52/.99). I actually measured it to the exact hundredth of a gram. It’s really close to @Graysin’s flower blend so I don’t foresee any issues. I’m thinking about using Graysin’s formula on the one that’s still getting MKP when the time comes just to see if there’s any difference on the end result.


One of my girls has starting getting some orange spots one the new growth around a couple of buds. I immediately thought rusting but it doesn’t rub off and the bottoms of the leaves are normal. I sprayed some copper fungicide on all the plants as a precaution. It could also be a calcium deficiency. Any opinions?

That plant is the left most one in the tent. Last grow this happened to the plant in the same spot. I ended up trimming most of the leaves from the buds on the plant. It still produced the biggest buds of the four I grew. Hopefully you guys can help me figure out what’s going on and what to do to take cake of it.

I’ll measure the EC and pH of the runoff tomorrow and post the results. Don’t know why I didn’t do it today, but everything has been spot on every time I’ve checked it so far. May also be worth mentioning that a few days ago I forgot to turn the exhaust back on after cleaning up runoff. When I went back in there five or six hours later it was 90° in the tent with 81% RH. Just another reason I’ll be getting an automated setup ASAP.


Looks a bit like the light might be too intense.

Calcium deficiency is a definite yes. Would be good to know your pH too, since I know we see calcium deficiency under bright LED and where pH may be creeping too low.


Got distracted and forgot to check the pH of the runoff tonight. I did up the nutrient solution from 6.0 to 6.2 going in though. I checked the EC of the runoff. Inflow is 1.9 EC. Outflow is 2.1 +/- an insignificant amount for all of them so that’s fine.

That side of the light has a higher ppf than the other side when measuring at equal distance below. That plant is the shortest and is getting avg 43 DLI. The tallest one is getting 50 DLI and loving it. The light is about 20" above the plant in question and is running at 6/9 (7/10 if you count the first notch that doesn’t even turn the light on). May need to switch the plants on the ends so the first one gets less intense light for now.

Either way, I’ll check the runoff pH tomorrow. It’s been almost spot on at 6 every time I’ve checked it so far. I know that doesn’t mean it will be this time. Last grow I started feeding at 6.1-6.3 during flowering. IDK why I didn’t do it this time.

BTW, thanks for your reply.


I think you’re right on the money, I think 6.2 is exactly where I’d go next. :v:

Of course. Try to be watching, usually don’t pipe up unless I can help.


Checked the pH of the runoff tonight. Bounced between 6.2 and 6.3 but ended up getting the smiley face at 6.2. Hopefully a couple waterings at 6.2 will fix the calcium issue before it gets worse.

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