GG need a little input on time to harvest?

This is my first time doing Autoflower. need a little help or input on how much more time is needed to harvest. Sending a few pictures to look at.


Really need to see close-ups of the tricomes and what you are looking for with your harvest.

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Beautiful plant, BTW.

Okay I will take a few more pics tomorrow when the sun is right. I did send a couple more pictures besides this one but for some reason we can’t access them. Thank you for your help.

I have taken a few pictures w

ith magnification higher I hope this is what you’re looking for as far as the pictures you requested to look at? I appreciate any and all help I appreciate any and all help

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Another pic…

I would like the plant to be at its peak as far as THC goes when harvesting maybe even go as far as saying “couch lock”
Thx u mucho!

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Carson MicroBrite Plus 60x-120x LED Lighted Pocket Microscope

You really need something like this or a jewelers loop ASAP to check those trichomes. Only way to really tell if it’s ready. The pictorial I’m earlier posts along with loop will give you a definitive answer.

Several posts up, “FixerPower” posted a magnified pic of what you’re looking for. If you can’t see yours in this kind of detail then you need more magnification to properly gauge your progress.

Trichomes look like they might be clouding, but it’s still hard to tell without a further magnified photo.

If you are looking for couch-lock, then you will want the trichomes to be turning amber at harvest. It doesn’t seem to be there yet. They seem to be cloudy at best at this point.

Am I looking at a spider in that picture?

How old are the plants?

I dont believe a spider…plant is like 10 weeks. Been feeding everyother time I water. I was thinking of going to straight water in about a week so I finish out with straight water.

Have you got a pic of the entire plant? I also have GGA’s going and am currently at 9 week’s from seed

Here is a pic almost all of it…about 14.5 inches height.