GG doing much better & bushier!

Just wanted to say thank you to those who suggested cutting down my leggy GG4. I cut to the 4th node, did a VERY gentle LST, and put into a cozy 2x2 in my closet with a Mars Hydro 600 (until payday when I can upgrade). Before I cut I had transplanted from a 4-in pot into a 3 gallon with FF Happy frog. She doesn’t seem to be taking off like a rocket but definitely shows signs of happiness. Leaves that were at a 90° angle from the LST are now pointing upwards towards the light and the branches that were underneath the main stock have started to green up and put on a few more leaves.

I just wanted to clarify a few things with y’all who are a bit more experienced at this. Should my humidity be a bit higher even though she’s way past seedling point?

Also, it was pretty chilly for a few days this past week and so it was about 70° or so even in my 2x2 in my closet. I’m curious if that’s why I don’t see any explosive growth, just calm cool collected slow as molasses growth. I don’t have a seedling mat but maybe I should put a heating pad at the lowest setting underneath?

And finally, I’m a bit lost as to what age I should quantify her at because not only did I cut her down a little but she was sitting in some pretty crappy, desperate conditions before I was able to get a bigger pot and better soil and lighting. Since she’s been in the FF soil for a week now, when should I feed since she has to be at least almost 2 mo old now? The picture below is by no means what she actually looks like. It’s the result of me taking the picture up close with me LED light and a crummy phone.

TIA for any help. :slight_smile:


Let me say that I don’t really know what my humidity is because the temperature and humidity sensor is on an Amazon truck right now. Being in a gulf coast state, it’s generally pretty humid even inside my home. But as I said it’s been pretty chilly so the heater has been on zapping the humidity out of the air. Just curious if I should be putting my humidifier in there with her.


It looks and sounds like you are heading in the right direction. Nice work.


It wouldn’t hurt to put humidifier in the room that will shut off when it hits about 55% - 60.


I agree here. Watch out when flowering near the gulf. Humidity is a B.

She looks super happy. That new growth on the lowers is really greening up.

Humidity in veg is 65+. Up til about 80 and ur fine. Look up a VPD chart.

As to the age, meh… she is what she is. 2 months old for all intensive purposes. When looking at feed charts/taking notes. She’s in Veg. No longer a seedling, not flowering.

As to her speed. Couple things… its colder then usual. The temperature of your rootzone being lower definitely will slow growth. My plants are crawling rn. Also you cut off a good amount of photosynthesizing leaves near the top. The plant redivertd a good bit of that energy to those greener lowers I mentiond up there somewhere.

Heating pad may help but could hurt. Not sure Id try it but if you do, make sure to watch her that first day like a hawk.

Something you can do is supercrop. Right under that thirdish node? The highest ‘big’ fan. Take ur thumb and index finger and press the stem firmly. Rub it between ur fingers and roll a bit, then press more firm. You want it to eventually bend and fold over but not break skin. Its hard on firsttimers but trust me… ull love it. U want to make all the leaves, when they point back up, about even.

Also… you seem to have a bit of speckling… have these plants been outside? Previous pest battle?

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@PurpNGold74 Yes, the person that gave it to me told me to put it out side. I did but it wasn’t even 70°, so I pulled her back inside after about a day. I don’t see any pests so maybe it is related to being outside?

I asked because pests are outside :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Its freezing tho so hopefully they are all gon. Maybe its just variegation?



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Lmao. Hakuna matata my guy… neem oil, captain jacks (spinosad)…. They will nuke the adults. Fighting the larva is harder. You have to kill the lifecycle of the critter. Adult, adolescent, and egg.

Food grade de was my goto there but i havent fought pest in years (be sure not to breathe this fine glassy material). Nowadays id go with mosquito bits in water to soil drench. Or something along that line. Maybe even neem.

Identify the critter. Come up with nuclear level plan.