GG autos 2 weeks not gaining height

so as a 1st timer I feel a bit of overwhelm a good part of the time with this grow - and even with the abundance of info in this forum. I have struggled with overwatering for sure. Maintaining consistent temps is coming along. Humidity too.
I’m growing in a P4P kit and asked about nutrients, but until I get watering dialed in I’m hesitant to add to the formula.
These 2 are almost 2 weeks out of the ground and by appearance seem to look ok. But they are not growing in height much at all.
Patience is in order, I know. But have i stunted these? And are they ok as is?
Thanks for any input/feedback

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Don’t worry about it. They survived germination, and look healthy enough. If you see people that are further along 2 weeks in, that’s usually down to experience.

The most important thing is that they don’t seem to be stretching or stalling. Stay the course.

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Cool. Thanks for taking the time…

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@KeystoneCops given you were kind enough to address my concerns with the growth of my first grow I’m hoping you’ll do the same with my next question.
11/12 I sprayed the girls with neem oil, dishsoap & water mixture. It was only after doing so that I learned on this site to leave lights off for a cple hrs when applying the mixture.
I noticed the bit of splotched coloring on some larger leaves today, and am curious if this application may be the cause.
I am only watering - no additional nutrients at this time per P4P directions . Water ph at last watering 4 days ago was 6.8 . Prior to that watering I’m pretty certain I had been overwatering.
Average temps 76 with lights on. 67 with lights off. Humidity steady around 40%. Intake and exhaust running constantly along with a fan for movement.
And also please let me know if this protocol in reaching out to you isn’t correct. I’m still trying to find my way here as I am with growing. I’m reading a lot of threads here to gain knowledge so thanks for all the info provided. And thank you in advance for your assistance

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I am following since my ladies are getting spots after I sprayed the dishwashing detergent remedy.

Sounds good although I’m not sure I’m going about this post/question the right way.

What exact light are you using, and how far away is it? If you hold the back of your hand at plant height, is the radiant heat from the light uncomfortable/hot?

I am using Mars Hydro TSW 2000. It is currently at 18”. With hand at top level of plants I sense warmth but not overly so. I have a fan on low speed providing moving air over plants as well.
A new development discovered this morning on same leaf were a few small dark spots. I submitted a support ticket with photos and description a short time ago. Thank you for your response


Are you growing in coir? Do you know if it was buffered?

I am growing in the “Superb” soil, coco, perlite, Mycorrhiza powder and Diatomaceous Earth mixture provided with a Pot for Pot kit. I have provided only water - no additional nutrients, etc. Sprouted seed started in Jiffy pellet, then transplanted to 5 gal cloth container

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Folks I’ve had this happen. It’s not everywhere correct? It might be from water droplets acting like a magnifing lense burning little spots from the light. @KeystoneCops will tell you, we have to remember how strong the lights are we use. If you have to spray, ensure you brush off all droplets and do it with the light off. Hope this helps! :v:

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That was actually my first thought because I watered yesterday. I did dab the obvious standing droplets but certainly - and perhaps obviously missed a bit. It is only apparent on a single leaf. Thank you @Newolhead for your insight. I’m hopeful you are on to something. Thank you @KeystoneCopsas well for your assistance.

Ask @ILGM.Support if they use buffered coco coir. It will pull cal/mag out of the fertigation, buffered or unbuffered.

Will do. Thanks again!

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@Willum. Mine was also only one leaf. Ambient humidity here is <30 percent. I started hanging up damp towels and added a small humidifier. Up to about 50% RH. Now I am fretting over temps since the closet gets cold like 60F at night so I brought in a space heater.

I just wish I would have started with one strain instead of five!!! They each have their own needs.

Hi JaneQP -
I’m pretty comfortable with the water droplet theory. Based on timing of events it seems possible. I’ll definitely keep a watchful eye. Hope your grow continues smoothly. :peace_symbol:

I’m only growing 2 of the same strain. Can’t imagine tending to more. Good on ya!

@Willum. Five strains is a bear. Ms. Yuck (sour diesel) and Lea (Skywalker OG) act like little princesses and are never happy with anything I do. The other three just grow and grow.

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@JaneQP :smile: I see I’m not alone in naming our ladies - in recognition of Gorillaz my 2 are named Noodle and Lil’ Dragon


@Willum Best wishes to Noodle and Lil Dragon! My Bordello is Diamond Lil. Golden Goat is Beastie Girl and GG4 is still unnamed - may just call her Gary. Keep us updated on your grow!!!