GG Auto Sick.. HELP

Hello, I am growing Gorilla Glue Auto from FastBuds. I thought this issue was a cal-mag deficiency at first but have had no better results. she keeps getting sicker. And then i thought it might be a Molybdenum deficiency. So I fushed the roots with enzyme komplete, sledge hammer, and liquid karma. The runoff PPM are still around 1000. Ph is around 6.2 going in but 6.5-6.6 runoff. I will have to water or feed tomorrow but not sure what to do. I was using foxfarm nutes but had to switch to Advance Nutrients due to foxfarm was out of stock. Using fabric pots.

• What strain: GG FastBuds Auto
• Method: Foxfarm happy frog soil
• Vessels: Fabric pots
• PH of Water, Solution, runoff- Watering 6.4 runoff 6.5-6.6
• PPM/TDS or EC Just flushed but runoff was 1500, got it to 1000 after 5 gallons of 6.0 ph water with sledgehammer and enzyme komplete.
• Indoor
• Light system LED
• Temps; temps are about 75/68
• Humidity; 40-48
• Ventilation system; Yes, 6”

Manganese deficiency?

What’s your feeding schedule, including adding calmag?

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Definitely a potassium deficiency in there too.

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