GG Auto Manganese def?

Hello, I am growing Gorilla Glue Auto from FastBuds. I thought this issue was a cal-mag deficiency at first but have had no better results. she keeps getting sicker. And then i thought it might be a Molybdenum deficiency. So I fushed the roots with enzyme komplete, sledge hammer, and liquid karma. The runoff PPM are still around 1000. Ph is around 6.2 going in but 6.5-6.6 runoff. I will have to water or feed tomorrow but not sure what to do Manganese def maybe? I was using foxfarm nutes but had to switch to Advance Nutrients due to foxfarm was out of stock.

• What strain: GG FastBuds Auto
• Method: Foxfarm happy frog soil
• Vessels: Fabric pots
• PH of Water, Solution, runoff- Watering 6.4 runoff 6.5-6.6
• PPM/TDS or EC Just flushed but runoff was 1500, got it to 1000 after 5 gallons of 6.0 ph water with sledgehammer and enzyme komplete.
• Indoor
• Light system LED
• Temps; temps are about 75/68
• Humidity; 40-48
• Ventilation system; Yes, 6”

I’m not experienced enough to say for sure what the issue is, but I had nearly the exact same problems when I was using Fox Farm nutrients. I tried another brand and had similar issues. Then another user here suggested I try Advanced Nutrients. It was pretty expensive to pick up the entire line of products, but I have not had the slightest problem since the switch. That was several grows ago, and my plants have been perfect, with bigger stems and stalks, better node spacing, and bigger buds. Aside from that, it’s so much easier to use. Check out the grow journals from @Hellraiser. He’s the one who turned me on to Advanced Nutrients, and you can learn a ton from following his journals.

Thank you! I is I’ll check him out.

Calcium def. Need to dose with cal mag.

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Thank You. I Just foliar sprayed with some calmag and flower kiss (foxfarm) and liquid karma.
I just fed her with advanced nutrients(5ml Bloom and 3ml micro) and 5ml big bud, 4ml calmag, 4ml liquid karma,3ml bembe, 7ml comeback formula (foxfarm), <1ml silica. I tried to stick around 1/3-1/2 dosage.

PH in 6.06 Runoff 6.52
PPM in 756 Runoff 1150
EC in 1450 Runoff 2450

I flushed her last watering with enzyme komplete and Sledgehammer. She was running hot in PPM (1800) and had a nut lock out I believe. i got her PPM’s down to 1000 after flushing several times.