Gg Auto, Lst, 300w

She popped sometime in the beginning of june but this being my first grow, did not keep track of the date. I’ve been using LST for about two weeks. I’m super nervous about giving her too much nutes, so have only given her a 1/4 of the recommended dose, water with 1tsp per gallon cal mag, 1/2 recommended dose notes. I waited at least 3 days for her to dry out in between the waterings. She was in a 2 gallon lowes bucket and then transplanted her to a fabric pot once it arrived in the mail on 26/jun. My problem is a have a fungus gnats now flying around. Yellow sticky post it looking thing are arriving tomorrow. I’m just looking for any tips to advice. Maybe anything I’m missing. This is my first time and I’ve really enjoyed the whole experience. Tia, happy growing.

Little bowl of apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap at soil level helps with gnats they are attracted to the vinegar and the soap breaks surface tension they can’t get out once they hit the liquid… that helps with keep them at bay also heard the diatomaceous earth is like climbing through glass to them just spread it out over your soil

Thanks for the reply. I actually have diatomaceous earth…should I just shake some over the top soil?

I used DE for my gnat problem, worked like a charm. Just go lightly with it though. Maybe a tbsp. Or so. To much and the top of your soil turns to concrete when you water.