Gg auto first grow


Looking good so far.

Looks good. Will need water soon.

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Yea I was planning on watering tonight or in the morning…parts of the soil are still moist but it’s definitely almost time

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I did not notice the plastic bottle bottom before. It doesn’t interfere with roots does it?

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No it’s pretty much just a real thin piece of paper lol it was a part of the kit from a pot for pot

ok thats good.

I’m not sure how much training your plant will impact grow this far into flower, but tucking leaves should help lower bud development.

But don’t I want more buds?

Too late for that as most of the plants growing is pretty much done. It may create a few more bud sites, but most remove them as they don’t really have the time to fully develop.

Going back to when you were asking about training, you probably should have bought photo period seeds. You should train your plant in veg and most autos don’t give you a lot of time to do that. Growing in soil doesn’t give you the rapid growth hydroponic or soilless grows do, so you generally don’t have the time to do a lot of training.


Ok I understand. So is it best to stop lst and let it grow naturally?

Probably not going to make much of a difference either way, so whatever you’re comfortable doing.

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