Gg auto first grow

Looking good

Hey guys…just another update…wondering when I can start LST…the branch is still a lil fragile at this moment. Any Feedback would be greatly appreciated @Spiney_norman @Deepsix @dbrn32

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You can start any time. I would recommend more light if you can.

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Thank you! One more thing…my humidity is at 45% and temp is 71.6. Is that ok?


45 is a little low, hang a wet towel and it it’ll increase the humidity pretty quickly. Temp is good.

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I would wait until your plant has someone to train. Not sure how extensive you are planning, but there’s not much you can do right now.

Can you go into further detail on what you mean by that please?


There’s nothing on your plant to train right now.

Hey quick question, should I be worried about this minor discoloring? I noticed these leaves are a tad bit drier than the rest.

@Covertgrower @dbrn32 @Spiney_norman @Deepsix

I think they’ll be okay. They may die off naturally, eventually being on the bottom most part of the plant.