Gg auto first grow

Hey guys, I’m a first time grower and I’d like to get some feedback on my set up. I purchased some gorilla glue auto seeds from ILGM as well as soil and nutrients from a pot for pot. I currently have my seed positioned about 21 in from my grow light which is a VIPARSPECTRA 600W dimmable light @ 40%. If you guys can give a first time grower some tips I’d appreciate it! Thanks!!

Welcome to the forum.
Tip #1…Do not over water. Its tempting to want to water em a lot. But they do really well on the dry side.
#2…Watch the seedling close for the first few days. If she starts stretching upward lower the light.
Hope your grow goes well.


@Slimeball1691; welcome to the community. @Spiney_norman has you covered

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Question: as far as water is concerned, I water my seed with bottled water but I just received a ph reader and the water is reading at 8.41. Is that good? If not, how can I lower the ph level in the water?

Someone suggested you calibrate the meter.
Good advice.

After calibrating if its still high you can use a couple drops of lemon juice (acidic) to lower
or citric acid if you have some

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I just tested water from my brita and it got it down to about 6.8…that’s ok?

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6.8 is fine for soil

@dbrn32 this is the one

Like Spiney said, 6.8 will work, but optimum is between 6.0 and 6.5.

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image is removed. Need anything else?

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No I do not and thank you for your help!

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just giving an update on my grow! Feel free to give suggestion at any time. I have the temp at 72.5 degrees with humidity at 62%

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Hey guys, just wanted to give an update on how my grow is going and to see if you guys have any tips…I started on 8/28 and here are some progress photos since then …(last photo was 9/1)

Here’s 9/2…I had an overwatering problem that I was able to correct by sitting the pellet on a paper towel for two sessions for 30-45 mins



Also, in about two days, I have to leave out of town for a week but my roommate will be doing maintenance on the plant(water, lighting) before I leave, am I able to place my pellet into my main pot? I’d like to do it vs my roommate doing it lol


@dbrn32 @Spiney_norman @Deepsix

Looks like it’s ready for it’s forever home.

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Agree with @Deepsix
Plant that baby before you leave.


Yoooo I need advice with how my plant looks and is it ready for picking


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