GG Auto - First Auto Grow

The security cam snap. Looking happy.

So I have a question. Can I switch these to 12/12 and Max out the lights? I know how autos are and need the extended light yada yada, I’m just curious. The lights I have in the space are overkill… would it make up for not running 18/6 or 20/4? Hopefully you understand what I’m writing, I’ve been indulging heavily in the spirits. Lol.

@Mefis @Budz @Nicky @ anyone who stumbles onto this…

Also anyone here grow produce??

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@low I don’t have any problems with 20/4 if you was on that schedule now is time to move to 18/6 but if you was on 18/6 move to 12/12 until harvest is my opinion do you have pic how they going

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I just said on flower stage if you was on 20/4 or 24/0 is better move to 18/6 but ppl have different scheduled for different reasons I read auto can grow without light but light is they food

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3weeks with 20/4 and is pistil next week I go 18/6 cuz I have seedling there

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She is looking nice!

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Lol try to do some work I feed her today 1/2 tspn calmag and 1/4 of flora trio for gallon of water to see her reaction and I just feed half gallon to run off

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Brooo make a grow journal already. It’s hard to track down your posts. Lol. I’ll tag along!

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If you hit your target dli in 10 hours you can go 14 hours dark. Dli adjusts to everything else of course, can always use more with more of everything else. But once the plant reaches its max dli with all the factors included it does nothing for it. May as well let it rest. I’m no professor, Bugbee explains this much better than I do. Although it would probably be cheaper on your cooling bill to use less light longer. Easier to control humidity. Unless you’re like me. My plants are up around 2am-130pm. But all the fans and veg tent still create heat.


Not really sure how to figure that out…

Stats on the light that I have 2 of side by side in a 2x2

On 18/6

Specification SF-1000
Spectrum 660-665nm,3000K,5000K, IR 760nm
Par Value 250.43umol/S
Coverage Veg:2.5x2.5ft Flower:2x2ft
Lumen 16439Lm±5%@AC120V


|Power draw|100.5W±5%@AC120V


|Light Size|30026759MM|
|Package Size|360327115MM|
|Gross Weight|1.92KG|
|Input Voltage|AC100-277V|



The last one I havent watched yet. Other two are worth watching for sure.

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@low do your veg schedule 6 hours on and 2 hours off , it’s really does makes a healthy fast stronger growing seedling :seedling: to training node stage faster. So instead of doing a straight 18/6 , split the 6 hour mark with a 2 hour break , so every 6 hours the plantvrest for 2 hours which they really do perform cellular and structure wise in the photosynthesis way better on 6/2 verses 18/6 but if you split the 18 ÷3 =6 & 6÷2=3 so 6 hours one break , six hours , two hours break , last 6 last break , I’m 4-6 weeks you’ll be ready to train or flip .
I quit L.S.T. training once I mastered the super cropping , if you learn to crop you won’t need to LST train , which taught me to make calculated methods and techniques that makes is easier and less stress on the plant but enough stress at the right stage will still get the same results right .
I hope I can find this YouTube video on super cropping , this brother methods is the best I’ve found to date . He let his plants grow out to a certain height, than he top , trim , and crop all at the same time on each plant in that grow , than after you crop and lay all your stalks all four ways under your screen to fill it out , you lay the scrog screen right above the crop plants 🪴, you can set it or just place the screen tight on them and flip you time schedule and as they stretch and grow you scrog train them before the transition from veg to bloom starts for you full net of cola tops !

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Learn DLI. It’s how much light you give.
Autos run better on a 20/4 as well because they have evolved to process most functions Durring daylight hours

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Thank you!

Very informative!

Heavy defoliation


Each received a gallon. 30-45 min wait
-run off ~2000 PPM

Following the Sledgehammer with 4 gallons of distilled each.

  • gal one ppm 18550
  • gal two ppm 1450
  • gal three ppm 1200
  • gal four ppm 900

Following 4th gallon… Each got a gallon of nutrient solution to finish.

  • Grow Big 10ML
  • Big Bloom 15ML
  • Tiger Bloom 10ML
    Ph’d to 6.3 PPM 860
    added 1/4 tspRecharge.
  • run off ~ 6.0 PH 950 PPM

DLI adjusted to 27-30 on 18/6 lights at 12”

Sanitized area.

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@Low look solo pretty the big girl she pistill?

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Yes they both have started throwing pistils.

Sec cam pic, they perked up quite a bit after the flush/feeding.