GG AF late to flower

I started 3 seedlings 6-8” tall in fabric pots at the same time indoor under good LED lighting. Set the pots outside one day for a taste of sunshine. Went to check them after an hour or so and found 1 of the seedlings had been dug up and was on the ground mostly intact. Must have been a squirrel that was scared off on my return. I replanted the remains and watered well. This plant eventually did recover and looks good now except it looks like it’s 2-

3 weeks behind the other 2 plants in the flowering schedule. Plant on left has been raised about 6” to keep the top at the same height as the plant on the right (sitting on the floor). The plant in back is the one that the squirrel removed, and is raised at least 16” off the floor to keep it’s top the same also. Left and right plants look to be flowering normally but the squirrel plant (48 days) has not started yet and it’s about 2 weeks or more behind the other 2. Lighting is checked daily to maintain 12-14” above all the plants. Will my squirrel girl eventually flower like the other 2?

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I would suspect that the one is shocked a little and maybe even repairing some root structure. Not surprising that it is taking a breather.
My thought is “what doesn’t kill her makes her stronger”.
She looks fine and will probably be fine. Maybe even outgrow the others.

Thanks for your thoughts. Do you suppose it was stressed enough to turn hermie?

I would keep a close eye on her for sure. :eye:
I just had to pull some nanners off one of my girls. :banana: She is banished to the outdoors now even though I have seen no more male parts on her. :strawberry:

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Squirrel girl has been moved to a new grow home outside. Makes my closet more girl friendly for flowering.

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