Gg a4auto? Not these?

I have GGA4 autos going now. 1 started 1/21, 6 started 2/21. All very healthy in dwc. My issue is flowering. As of today, 3/21, #1 is 2 months old and vegging like crazy. On 2/21 it had a few pistols but hasnt really flowered. The next 6 are starting to show now. About same age as #1. All on 24hr light w 400whps, 2 150wmh, and wrapped in T5. Should I cut back lights to induce budding? How about nutes?. All are on veg nutes now, should I switch to flower nutes b4 its flowerring? This is first time with autos and no way are these things going to be ready 8 or even 12 weeks at this rate. Wonderful, bushy growth, no buds. Help, please.

Autos are not suppose to care about the light schedule but I have the best luck running them 12/12 in flower. Your plants need some rest time at least go to 18/6 lots of good things happen during tonight’s out. I like to switch to flowering nutes when I flip to 12/12, keeps it simple for me.

Unless specifically stated, timing is usually counted once flowering starts. My autos always seem to take just about as long as my photos.


But isnt that contrary to advertised?

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Yes and they will flower under 18/6 most of the time. I am just saying that I have better luck when I switch their lighting to the 12/12 schedule. Plus, I normally have some photos going at the same time and they all live in the same tent.