GG, 8 weeks, started dark period but may not be there yet

Could use some emergency help here! Have 4 GG that hit 8 weeks. I can’t tell if trichs are cloudy or clear. Some are amber but those are the older leaves not the buds. Don’t see any amber on the buds. I’ll try and get a pic with the loupe up but the question is, I started the 48 hr dark period already. In the event they’re not all the way done is it possible to turn the lights back on and keep going or should I just chop?

I’ll get some pics up soon. Thanks!

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some pics with the phone. They’re blurry and in the pic they look pretty cloudy, in person they look more clear.

Have to get a scope apparently.

Sure, just turn light back on and resume flowering for a bit longer.

ok that’s some good news! They’re a bit dry so I’m gonna water once more and see what goes on.

They’re on two weeks straight RO as well so I’m not sure how well the plant can operate towards ripening right like that.

And I’ll admit I started panicking and took the ridiculous step of taking a tiny bud and vaping it and basically raw it seems like it has the right impact.

Did you learn something? I think you did so it’s not ridiculous.

Lol is one of my biggest flaws…

Well I chopped 'em. I convinced myself they were done based off of the pictures. I figured if in pics they look like everyone else’s trichs that are done mine must be as well.

I could have waited a bit longer but I’d already started 48 plus hours of dark which I heard could cause herms as well, and this is GG so, although at this late stage I’m thinking they couldn’t have gotten very far.

I’m also thinking if this is supposed to be considered a “couch lock” strain, and assuming that’s at the 10% amber color stage, pulling a hair early may diminish the “couch lock” a bit?

I did nearly everything wrong with these things and they still came up fairly well and even raw produce a stronger effect than some other stuff I had around here. I’m just wondering what the overall balance will turn out to be if I dry/cure correctly.

I can say that one of the plants had a stronger grape smell than the others, also was a bit darker green and if I recall the leaf structure may have leaned more indica.

So they’re hung in the tent and at the moment sitting at 71/51 with zero fan leaves and most sugar leaves gone as I have more trouble getting humidity low than high.

8 weeks, pistils were 98% red and curled and in the pics anyway they looked milky. Go time.