Gg#4 photo x2 my 4th grow overall

Hello eveyone and welcome. This is a quick review of my last grow.

We started 2 GG#4 seeds on Christmas of 22’ and they poped out of ground around the 1st of 23’

On the left are GG#4

After a few weeks eveything is looking good only giving them hydro guard and 1ml of cal mag every few days.

This was taken feb 3rd.
After another week we flipped to flower cycle on lights and waited to see our preflower start to come out

Pics on feb 13th

Now that we see a good amount of flowers coming we bumped up feeding and set up at 2ml of each micro grow and bloom ph perfect advance nutes along with 2ml of calmag every few days(3)

Pics from march 4th

Man these girls are loving the conditions they are in about 75 ° and around 60 % humidity

Only feeding what they need and when they need it im still giving the girls low amounts of food and only giving more when they show they are hungry. Lights are around 50% with mars hydro LED fce4800

Pics from march 15th

No changes made just letting em grow.

Pics from march 27th.
We are getting close to cut for one of the ladies. Looks like one is about 2 weeks ahead of the other. Thats fine, no need to rush babay girl.

Pics from april 17th. So close on the first one. We will give her a week and then its time for chop. We will start flush in 2 days.

April 23rd we cut one of the girls down. She was ready. Very nice looking dense buds!

Pics from may 6th. Second girl gets the chop. So happy with this grow. At the end we had light at 75% anout 2ft off canopy during flower we had our feeding at 4ml of each and cal mag. All in all easy grow.


Sure is lookin good man