GG#4 ILGM seeds

  1. 5x5x7`3" Grow Tent

  2. 5-Gal Fabric pots

  3. Fox farms OF soil Happy Frog and A bit extra per lite about 1:1:1/2 soil,soil,per lite

4.Fox Farms Nutes including the cha-ching, beastie bloom and open sesmie

  1. Light setup is 1000watt MH/HPS and 1200watts in 2 600 watt Via-spectra TC/600 model

  2. Climate control Have 2 6" Cloud line series fans and then I have the sealed hood for the HPS light all that goes directly outside.

  3. Apera PH and TDS meters for water quality.

  4. And a good cloning chamber to put the babies in when the time comes.

I started germing my beans today GG #4 wanted to get back into getting a bit more advice in areas I am lacking in. Will include a link to everyone I can remember who has always helped me along but this time is different legal grow whoo!!! First question from the list I gave of my available grow equipment am I missing anything? If so what so I can get it quick. This is also my second time growing GG and the first batch was fluffy is this normal or more light? I try to keep it to 4 plants in a 5x5 but have the option of using the whole 13’x15’ area the tent sets in if need be also have a 4x4 could set up as well just want the best product I can grow.


@Countryboyjvd1971, @Covertgrower @Willd A new grow alot of help from you last time.

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1000 watt hps should bring dense nugs in a 5x5. Not sure how much time is on your bulb, but a lot of growers will change them every run or two. The constant heating and cooling on them hampers output quite a bit. In a 5x5 having a large hood helps distribute light a little more evenly too.

If everything is good there, next things I would look at is environmentals and nutrients. Make sure you have those dialed in properly and keep your plants healthy, I would expect you to be successful.

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Pretty much agree with dbrn32 only thing I would add is on the environment issue. That cloud line 6”
Should do decent. Just make sure you have the proper sized carbon filter so it has adequate CFM. Watch your temps, and not too close for heat issues. It helped you have some grow experience already, so you should have the lead dance almost down.

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Looks like you have things pretty covered. Best Wishes

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I was trying very hard last night @dbrn32 to find the letters to your name right to mention you glad to see you here again update as well, 4 of 5 of my beans already split, and are off to the paper towel. 1 is dragging behind but wont give up on her yet I will soon post photos. Right through the whole grow again, last time I tried this strain it was the bushiest plant I’ve tried.

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Sweet! Good luck with them, and let me know if you need anything.

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Thanks my friend you know I will need something probably sooner rather than later. Everyone feel free to jump in here anytime with advice. I take it openly and soak up the info you wont waste your time here helping along. I do got a question for everyone does anyone here use or not use rooting hormones or enzymes when transplanting?

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Also got a big humidifier and dehumidifier as well and my Carbon filter is an 8 in on another fan completely than the humidity and temp 6" AC Fans I just absolutely love the fans for the price point the amount of control and variables it will handle at once is very good in my opinion.

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Ya stuff like that usually helps with transplant shock. Something like superthrive will too.

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Day 3 in regular FFHF soil in good Ol" red solo cup with holes in bottom. They had small tails after 12 hrs put in the paper towel for 12 more then into soil in three days this is the girls.

6 days Later does it hurt anything to leave these little gals under 24 hr light schedule at this stage in their life i’m kinda in the middle of finishing their home and the room they are in is never dark? Should have them in the tent and on 18-6 in 2 days tops. look there in the back left always got a funny little plant always a stubby of some sort lol. Love them just the same.

what do you think @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 I haven’t had much experience in how long one can leave a seedling under 24hrs of light will it hurt them total of 8 days old today. I appreciate the feed back anyone’s actually. Also forgot u buddy @dbrn32

Nah, it won’t hurt them any. You can technically veg indefinitely under 24 hours light, but it doesn’t usually make sense to do that.

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No Sir I am a firm believer they need there sleep when a bit older almost watch them grow in the darkness seems like. lol I thank you kindly good sir for your rapid response. Also got a rooting hormone today don’t know much about it grow shop guy said a lot of folks use it so i bought it (MYCO+ super premium root inoculate 3-0-3 water soluble concentrate). Any experience with this product if so do I go ahead and use it now or wait till a transplant? You advice always appreciated.

I got the 8in filter for this tent but use 3 of them and do the whole room even though my closest neighbor is 6 mikes away so I just hope the deer don’t get to sniffing around. @Covertgrower @Willd. And now that I remembered Willd got me into chemistry figure the man has some grow experience as well sure would appreciate the input throughout this grow. I had a bit of a rough go last time with the GG#4.

There’s a lot of people that agree with you. Unfortunately cannabis is a c3 plant and will photosynthesize for as long as it continues to receive light energy. It pretty much comes down to what you believe is considered as plant growth. Plant normal reaction to absence of light is to stretch, making it taller. But that doesn’t give a plant more branches or make it sexually mature. So what appears as taller plant isn’t necessarily a more developed plant. If that makes sense? I’m not even sure what this is considered, biochemistry maybe? But it’s not difficult to find and read up on. There some really interesting stuff like pr, pfr, and circadian rhythm.


I typically give my seedlings 18/6. I save on the electric (23watts right now) but plants do grow a bit in the dark as well. @xxpain4uxx

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I am definitely a fan of saving energy that’s why my grow is about 60% solar batteries are the killer to going solar so expensive. Panels are getting reasonable and more tech sound. But update on the grow a few pic of the girls.

An the problem child bringing up the rear lol don’t know what’s going on with her. But like I said before I love them every one.


Now I do have a question last time I tried to grow this strain the girls got super bushy, I tried to tone it back a bit but seemed like the buds were plentiful but fluffy. Any ideas or suggestions to pregame preventing this from happening this time. I will admit I have a long way to go knowing much on training or strategic trimming to be honest, I am decent at certain strains but just the second go around with this strain any suggestions would be welcome.

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