GG#4 from ILGM Organic DWC

GG#4 from IGLM. Im growing in 20 Gal DWC Res.
600 Watt HPS 5X 60Watt Led Bulbs 1 2ft T5 HO
2 Seedlings 1 week since breaking ground.

I have been developing a nutriet solution for dwc using all organic nutrients.
Seedlings get Coconut Water, Aloe Juice Solution
Vegetative Growth Gets Aloe Juice, ACT ( Aerated Compost Tea base of which is Alfalfa Kelp, and Dolomite lime), and Coconut Water.

Same but drop the coconut water and add banana peel tea, less kelp ass well.

I know this probaly sounds crazy but its been working for me. Havent had any issues with slime or anything. This will be my first run of GG#4 and only my 3rd Indoor grow.
Will add pics soon as. (The plants are in the dark)