GG#4 Autos and Harvest

First time with Auto Flowers ( GG#4)…I cracked the seeds first week of May, so in theory I should be getting close t harvest but still not confident with my eye and the loop for the Tricomes ID…Little help ? Ive also noticed some catapillers on one of the autos…how concerned should I be with harvest…

Processing: IMG_2651.jpeg…


Think, 8-10 weeks from the first time you see bud sites, (roughly).
Any bugs are not good, especially if they are eating your plant.

@Covertgrower and outdoor growers you know of anybody, or can answer question above?


RE: the 8-10 week rule…these are auto flowers which should in theory be done flowering after 8-10 weeks from seed, no ?

RE: the caterpillars - Ive heard that they can burrow into the stalks and eat the plant from the inside…I dont see any major signs of that …“yet” but its a concern based on past stories

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It’s pretty close, definitely check trichomes, but she’s so close to being finished I would chop her anytime you’d feel comfortable doing so.
I harvest when the pistils are 85% or more. I like very little amber, but everyone has a preference.


Great to know! I still need to do a solid 5-7 day flush on it though so maybe I start that ASAP and get my harvest on. Do you have much experience with Autos ? I have found that a few are ": behind " schedule and wonder if they might be stunted or just delayed


Autos and photoperiod plants all make their own schedule when they finish. Breeder flowering times are only estimated.