GG#4 autoflower feedback

Looking for feedback, comments, and suggestions on the conditions of 4, two week old(from germ-now), gg#4 autoflowers. Do they look healthy? Do I need these on a light schedule?(using 600watt hps light with a ballast) is 80-86 degrees with humidity at 32 fine? It’s indoors, and I put them in soil on 7-22-20. Thanks in advance.

Humidity looks low, but not the end of the world. 18/6 or 12/12 will work. Otherwise looks good.

Humidity is something I’m having trouble with, I’m using a regular household Vick’s humidifier, and have 2-6” fans going all the time, have two bowls of water setting in tent and a few sponges at top of tent, but humidity won’t go below 27 and can’t get it above 32, maybe now that I put them on a light schedule it will rise? Exhaust fan runs constantly as well.

Recommend turning it off, and hanging a wet towel in the space. This will raise your humidity significantly.

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Turning eelxhaust fan off won’t affect my fresh air flow too much?


When they’re really small, they don’t need as much fresh air until they’re older.

I will give it a try thanks. Just hoping with exhaust off, 600w hps doesn’t get it over 86, because I’m waiting on my 400 watt to arrive since I’m thinking this 600watt is too much sometimes

@Covertgrower, sorry to bother bud but Your the first to respond so I’m using your knowledge. How much circulation is too much when it comes to seeing your plants move from fans?

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What are you growing in and all has a big deal with this all too.

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@Covertgrower is a smart knowledgeable man on this site. He knows his weeds.

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You want the leaves fluttering with a light breeze. Enough to make the leaves move. Also recommend to have the fan oscillating if you can, sometimes they can get wind burn. Not really serious, but can cause the leaves to cup a little.

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Growing gg4 auto, in 7gallon oxy pots using roots organic soil, with Buddha grow nutrients, have a 600watt hps ballast, 6in exhaust fan, one 6in clip on fan at 2ft above canopy, one 6” floor fan on ground, and this…but with below pic I actually have it on fan with exhaust blowing into tent instead of where it’s actually suppose to be blowing from.

*I HAVE MY DIMMER SET TO 50%. Running lights 24/7, with a small humidifier placed inside tent

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That is exactly why I asked because I think that is happening now???

I was following hellraiser for info, but his threads get difficult to navigate due to how many comments sometimes.

You’re good. No worries.
I can tag you into my journal if you’d like, your plant looks pretty good. The new growth does grow a little funny at first, but they flatten out.

Please do tag me bud.