Getting worried?

It’s close to harvest time and I’m getting a little worried with how she’s looking. Should I be concerned or harvest a little early? Not to mention cool weather is beginning to arrive. Down to 40 tonight.

How many weeks she been flowering?

What strain? Looks Indica OG like to me…

Have you checked your tricom yet ?

It’s been awhile. Don’t remember the number of weeks because this was a trial run with seeds found in purchased marijuana.

I have no idea what this strain is. Seeds from reggy I purchased.

They are clear to slightly milky. Didn’t want to cut to early, but frost is around the corner LITERALLY.

I’d just cut the leaves that are bad. They are not doing anything at this point to help. They’re just draining resources that you buds can be using. You are too close to harvest to need those leaves.

Your Trics should have some Amber depending what kind of high you want, we used to let alight frost hit them especially if sunny the next day. is covering possible?

Thanks I’ll do that?

Ok thanks. As for the weather that’s exactly what the weather man is saying. Possible light frost in the 40’s, but sunny the following day. Sadly they can’t be covered. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed. This was my second try and I feel I’ve done pretty good for someone who had NO IDEA what she was doing. Thanks again for your input.

Gladly, that’s why we are all here. grow a little weed maybe help someone else out, if only by our flubs. Welcome to the forum and enjoy… @MJ50


I hear that. Go as long as you can and I wish ya the best


I live in the North East. With outdoor growing we have found that letting the plant get hit by a frost is really a good thing. It send the plant into shock and make it really juice up the trics. If it is going to be a few night of frost in a row it’s not worth the risk. 1 day of frost and then 4 or 5 days without is perfect.
The whole theory is like hitting your plant with ice and water in the last week of flowering. It shocks the plant into survival mode.