Getting the max out of the lights you have?


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I’m interested in the light info too plz. Thanks much!


I have a 1200w viper in a 4x4 and i dont think its enough


All this talk of lumens, but the two types of LED lights I’ve purchased for my new grow tent have no info on lumens.

If I go by watts per square foot, I’ll have 1200 Watts of light in a 23 square foot space = 52.17 watts per square foot. That’s using what they say the light is equivalent to.

I’ve seen people say to ignore what the light manufacturer says, and go by what the lights draw at the wall. If I do that, it only adds up to 417 watts which would be only 18 watts per square foot.

I’ve built a 4’ deep x 6’ wide x 7’ tall grow tent. The net interior dimension comes to about 23 square feet.

My plan is to have one VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series V600 LED Grow Light in the center (ebaydotcom/itm/302761674426), and then will fill in the corners with four 150W UFO LED Grow Light Hydro Full Spectrum lights ebaydotcom/itm/323322613731).

This is my first grow, and am trying to keep the cost down, but with all the time and $ spent getting it up and running, I don’t want to cheap out on lights and get spindly buds.

Here’s my current layout. The circles represent 3’ diameter field of lighting for each light:

I came up with two other schemes, which call for more of the UFO lights, which are just $15 each, and full tilt with 2 @ 600 watts and 6 UFO’s.

Here’s the plan with 6 UFO’s

And here’s the plan with 2 @ 600 watt units plus 6 UFO’s

I just got an app for my iPhone that measures lumens, and will be interested to see how it works. When fully equipped, I’ll have 6 individual SCROG nets with 4" squares, so I can chart the lumens in each square.

I’ve heard of people supplementing with LED tube lighting. Any suggestions on what to go with?

I do have 4’ florescent light fixtures with grow light and full spectrum tubes. I’ve seen some posts elsewhere that suggest using them down low around the sides to help get light to the lower parts of the plants.

I realize I’ve asked a lot of questions :blush:

Thanks in advance for sharing your expertise!


I found a watts to lumens calculator at

Using that, it appears that I have a total of 18,000 lumens (one 600 watt equivalent ViperSpector light, plus four UFO lights rated at 150 watt equivalent).

Divide 18,000 lumens by 22.85 square feet, and I have 788 lumens per square foot which seems inadequate.


Find me a light meter app that’s even vaguely accurate and I’ll give you a banana, as I tried “more than one” and found that it maxed out on my phone at half of what a proper, calibrated, lux meter said.

There’s too much variation in phones to have anything vaguely accurate, you need a known, calibrated, meter so you can see the offset the app needs and, well, if you can get your hands on a lux meter why bother wasting time with an app on the phone for lux levels?


I found an interesting article ( which may explain why manufacturers don’t provide the lumen info. The long and short of it is that lumens are a measurement of what the human eye can see, and it includes parts of the wave length that plants don’t need, such as green. LED grow lights are designed just for photosynthesis. So the better measurement is PAR. Here’s what they say:

What is the best way to measure the strength and effectiveness of LED grow lights? The strength or intensity of the light can be roughly measured by the total power draw of the LED grow light. The higher the power draw, the more intense the light will be. Another measure is the photosynthetic action radiation (PAR) output of a grow light which measures the effectiveness of a grow light for photosynthesis or growth. PAR is measured in micro mole units or uMol which is also known as the photon flux density of light per meter squared per second. Effective PAR ratings should be above 600uMol to be highly effective in photosynthesis or the growth of the plant.

They go on to say that grow lights that have PAR ratings of 1200-3600 uMol are very effective in growing plants.

I found a detailed review of the VIPARSPECTRA 600 watt lights at, and they say the PAR Output is 456 umols at 24″ / 224 umols at 36″. It’s good for 4x4’ in veg, but 3x3’ for flowering, which is why I’m supplementing with the 150 watt UFO lights in the corners. I’ve yet to find the PAR rating for them.