Getting the hang of this (maybe)

YIKES! Back again.

First, quick correction on the numbers above. Missed a few branches from the first trim. They had slid off off the counter (don’t you hate when that happens). That brings the first plant to a grand total of 8.57 ounces.

Just finished trimming the second girl. She is a Strawberry Cough. This one was visibly much smaller than the first and the quantity of trimmed bud looks like substantially less, but the buds seem firmer. Total weight on this one 6.48 oz.

This brings the total yield of this two plant grow to a little over 15 ounces. I was hoping to double my yield from my last 2 plant grow which gave me a goal of a little over 1 pound. I am calling this one done.

The first harvest has been sealed in its grove bag all day now and the humidity is still rock solid at 65% so I may have hit the timing on this one on the nose. I will check them both again in the am just to make sure they are steady.

Time to scrub the tent and get it ready for the 4 clones I will be pulling out of solo’s and repotting into their permanent 5 gallon fabric pots to start grow number 5.

Pics tomorrow before I wrap up this thread. Big thank you to everyone that followed along even though I didnt post as regular as I had hoped and thank you for answering my endless questions! And mostly for running your own threads that I have followed to learn.

Note, contributors are listed in order of appearance :wink:
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and all the people that “liked me” even though I am a HORRIBLE photographer.
and to think, it all started with a blurble… look what you folks created


Congrats. Now you have to trim, the hard part lol

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Wow even your smaller one seems like a lot
I could only wish my girl was going to produce like that

Congratulations :champagne:

It was a boy to ride along. Thanks for the lessons and opportunity to share what I’ve read. You… Crushed… This

Excellent harvest!! Congrats :confetti_ball::tada:

Great job congrats on a fine harvest! :sunglasses:

Finally, some pics to wrap this up

Krishna (Hindu Kush)

Shortcake (Strawberry Cough)

not the best trim job, but learning

Final question to the group. When you get these big stacked buds, do you leave them whole, or do you cut the separate buds apart individually.

I always pull one or two apart just to make sure there are no surprises waiting for me, but if my samples look good, i figure this is the “container” they come in naturally, so I prefer leaving them “less handled” and let them cure that way.

Either way a 4 inch bud isn’t going to fit in MY grinder lol, so at some point they will get pulled apart before use. Inquiring minds want to know.

Anyway, this wraps up this thread. I should be starting a new thread soon. This will be for my 5th grow, and will be my first grow from my clones!

Exciting stuff.


It’s a personal preference really, I keep branches as big as possible when I dry to slow the dry as much as possible while still being able to wet trim

Did you wet or dry trim?

When it comes to jars/grove bags you can snip them down to single buds or leave them bigger.
I personally like big colas and snipping them up as I need them but I tried to give some to friends and they complained that they had “stems” lol I just shook my head and told them fine I give you no stems and popcorn buds next time haha.

They had a problem with the stem when I gave them buds like this in jars.

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Oh my. Ya gotta love that. So far, I am new enough that no one is complaining about getting free weed.

I do a bit of a hybrid. Typically the week or so before chop, when I switch to water only, I remove ALL the fan leaves that I can reach/see. At chop I give them a quick once over and try to get anything with a stem showing. Then I hang them just like that. Like you I am trying to slow them down. I can never seem to go much over a week before they are ready for trim (between 10-12% on the moisture meter). In the past i have waited until MOST of the small branches would snap but when they went into jars i was seeing RH that was way low (low 50%).

Once they hit 10-12% on the meter, I did the full trim (yeah, the fun part of the grow… NOT). This grow i put them straight into Grove bags once they were trimmed.
They were 65% but have dropped a little. Currently around 63%

WOW… when you get a bud that size, that is called a HANDLE. that’s so you don’t hurt yourself when you lift them!!

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