Getting the hang of this (maybe)

Didn’t want to see u waist that tent space, ur lighting it anyway. :+1::v::alien:

Wow, time flies. I have not been very good lately at keeping this journal up to date. Covid is definitely waning and work travel requirements have come back with a vengeance. It has been hard enough just keeping up with caring for the girls and trying to keep up on the “good threads” that are out there. Still so much to learn.

So, anyway, back at the weed ranch, based on the feedback I got from helpful folks here, I did split this grow into the early birds and the straggler. I was hoping for 4 to fill this 3x4 but ended up with 2. one Hindu Kush, one Strawberry Cough, both Photos. Both 11 weeks out of the soil. I have held them back a little and been doing a lot of topping and [attempting] super cropping to try to get them ready for TODAY.

I was also trying to wait for my auto-cloner to arrive as I intended to remove all the little low ones for clones. Shipping delays being what they are, I gave up on the wait.

TODAY has arrived. Time to prep them to flip to flower. They were both about 27 inches and VERY bushy. I cleaned up the bottom third and tried to be relentless in determining what will have a chance to make it and what will turn out to be those 50 or so little popcorn buds at the bottom. I got LOTS of what looks like great clone stock. (ugh, not auto-cloner yet, Mykos is with that shipment. So, my hopes to up my clone success rate from ZERO, to perhaps 50% have dimmed, but for now they look GREAT lol.

Plants are partially defoliated, heavily pruned, and the last round of super cropping while I had them “up on the lift” and can get to them freely. Back into the tent, installed the SCROG net and bent and twisted as much as I could to try to FILL THAT NET. Not perfect, but so much better than my last attempt.

The little Strawberry got a late start (had a rough patch at getting my seedlings established this time) is now 6 weeks out of the soil. I have kept her in the shade of her big sisters, kept her on limited nutes and topped her to keep her as small as possible. She is now moving to the little tent with the clones.

Based on the workout they got today (one major split that I will attend to), defol, twisting, pruning, I am going to give them the weekend to recover before flipping.

I am currently using Jack’s 3-2-1, with FishSh!t and Recharge added once a week. Starting Monday, they will temporarily switch to a modified Jacks schedule for the next 2 weeks. This will be 2g Jack’s Part A, 2g Part B, 2g Epsom salt and I will be adding 1.2g of MKP and 1g Humic acid. (thank you @Hellraiser). I will still do the weekly Fish Sh!t and Recharge.

So onto the pics. opps phone died, i will post them when it charges.

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Sorry, didnt get before pics. here are the two AFTER defol/clone harvest

In the net


under the net / much thinner down here now

Clone prep

Since I don’t have my auto-cloner or Mykos yet, this may be a waste. but took 12 clones of each, stuck them in peat pellets. I used a little generic Start Up that I used in the garden that I had lying around in a dilute solution with RO to expand the pellets. I trimmed them up, halved some of the bigger leaves and gave them a fresh cut before plunging them into the pellets.

They seem a little crowded. Hopefully they are ok. I was at an actual grow facility this week. they probably had 1,000-2,000 clones started. I was surprised they were VERY crowded, so maybe they will help hold each other up. lol.

And last but not least, my little “tweener”. Hopefully she will play well with the littles

Comments/suggestions always welcome.


Hey folks, been working insane hours and traveling for the last 5 days. so, I hadn’t had a chance to even peek into the tents since I posted last.

This morning there is some good news and some not so good.

First, the 2x2x3 “Littles” tent. RIGHT after I posted these pics, I went upstairs to find that Amazon delivered my auto-cloner. The Mykos was still a no show, but its a start. Several hours passed before I had the chance to get back down, but I did a quickie setup and pulled 4 of the best looking clones out of the peat pods, gave them a new clean snip, mounted them in collars and away we go.

My Senior Executive Watering Assistant has been checking on them while I was gone. SEWA reported that “everything looked good”. This morning I found this.

Note, even without the Mykos, the Auto-Cloner seems to be holding its own. The peat plugs in the back of the tent, not so much. Lil Sis in the front seems unfazed at all changes and continues to plug along.

Moving on to the big tent, I must say I was pleasantly surprised. If you look up at the pics from the weekend, you can clearly see the SCROG net. There were a few pokies, but basically most of the plants were net or below.

This morning, WHAT NET? both plants have filled in nicely and grown several inches. They are certainly starting to fill the space. some have grown as much as 8 inches. I turned the light up and dropped 2 inches so I am 18 inches above the canopy to see if i can slow them down just a little since they only have another 34 inches in this tent.


I can focus now on shuffling tops to try to get them in separate holes if possible and making sure each bud site is getting its share of light. They are now on 12/12 and running the modified Jack’s for transition.


Again, a busy week and busier weekend. But, grabbing a few minutes for a few new pics. first of all. the two big girls in the big tent are doing GREAT.
They are on day 7 after flip, so i am still feeding the Jack’s transition feeding for another week. they seem to be LOVING it and are really filling the tent.

Hindu Kush on the left and Strawberry Cough on the right

I have them pretty cleaned up now below the scrog net

Meanwhile, back at clone ranch, my peat pods have done as poorly as previous attempts, about half have moved on to compost. @Hellraiser, I keep re-reading your cloning guide. I think I just have defective cuttings. lol. don’t worry, I WILL keep at it until I succeed.

The ones in the auto-cloner seem to be hanging in there, no roots yet though

Last but not least, Lil Sis, who is patiently waiting for the next crop in the big tent seems well. My plant benders came this week so I tried them out. they were very easy. I kinda like them but am a little concerned, they are very rigid (good thing) but also small, so I need to make sure they don’t strangle the branches as they grow.

Have a GREAT July 4th weekend!!!


Looking good! :sunglasses:
I tried the benders they worked well I had the same concerns about being small I only left them on for a couple of weeks before removing the braches did hold the bends.
I also found that the benders are available in different sizes so you can get larger ones

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Thanks for that feedback. I was hoping i would only need the little ones cause they would already have “that shape” i am looking for once they grow and I can just take them off

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Questions on temperature and humidity. Looking for some input

On my second grow, I had the misfortune to have a pretty severe WPM issue. who knew too much humidity was a thing (til then).

For my 3rd grow, I kept my temps UP and my humidity LOW as soon as I flipped to flower. It was a successful grow, but now I wonder if I sacrificed any quality due to the low humidity. I knew they were starting dryer at harvest so I didn’t wet trim at all hoping to slow the drying process a little.

For this grow, with better circulation, and dehumidifier and monitoring, I am hoping to work on finding a happy medium. I am in the second week since flip and I am currently at;

Temps: Low 75, High 92
RH: Low 36, High 54

I am probably pushing the lights a little as I am running a Mars Ts-3000 and a Ts-1000 both 100% right now at about 22 inches above the main canopy. So, the second light certainly added to the temp.

I added my humidifier back into the mix to try to keep daytime humidity closer to 50%.

I am shooting for temps 75-85F, and RH 50-65% Do these numbers seem to be correct? Love to get some other opinions.

It’s time to do some research on VPD!

my sensor actually tracks that in addition to the temp and relative humidity, and i have been tracking that in my log throughout the grow. Oddly, my last download (which covers the 2 weeks since flip) that info didn’t download with the export (very odd, I am looking at the settings to insure that i didnt somehow disable that).
I will definitely get that worked out this week so when get the next round of info I will have that to compare to the chart.
I recently read a thread that mentioned “Terpenes start to evaporate at 70F and even more is lost when the RH of the buds go under 55.” I know I still have plenty of time left before that should be an issue, but I would like to get an idea of how to get my fan, humidfier and dehumidifer ready for that when it comes.

thanks for the input!

If I remember correctly that was in regards to drying and curing. The VPD charts will give you the ideal heat to humidity ratios for the most rapid growth.

And the charts do change at the different stages of growth

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Hey Folks. I was in Chicago all week for work. Finally back, and had a chance to spend a little quality time with the girls today. My assistant did a great job while I was gone, so there were no BAD surprises.

She did tell me, “there is a surprise in the grow room, I think you will be happy”. I got home after lights out so I had to wait til the next morning. I ran down and was about to unzip the big tent and she said, not that one, the other tent. I was wondering what it could be.

Well @Hellraiser after 4 failed attempts to start some clones, I followed the steps in your journal and this is what I found.

Day 12

out of the 7 cuttings, I had 4 GREAT sets of roots WOO HOO

I can only fit 4 plants in my big tent and already have one seedling going so I picked the healthiest sets of roots. They were a little too much for the solo, so I gave them a slight trim and into the solo cups they went.

Today was day 21 of flower, so once the clones were planted, I spent some quality time working on a much more aggressive defoliation for the big girls in the flower tent. Hindu Kush on the left, Strawberry Cough on the right



Top down

Looking good so far!


What a wonderful welcome home!

Looks marvelous
Congratulations on the clones

Were those clones taken during flower?

Yes, these were taken during flower. I took clones a couple of times lol. i have NEVER had luck til this last time so the girls had already flipped. I still have a fair amount of time til the big girl tent will be available for them. if they don’t seem to be revegging, i will probably flip them to 24/0 for a week to give them a shove. currently that tent is 18/6