Getting the hang of this (maybe)

The saga continues. so, aside from the little white spots, as i mentioned, they have been looking great.
this am i did see the CLAW starting on the little Hindu Kush

is this just from being dry or the beginning of something else

the other girl (strawberry cough) seems happy


:taco: in the middle pic?
I forgot what taco-ing means. Seems like light too far but I’m not sure. Memory is not so great

top pic and middle. you can see it best in the upper right corner of the pic
you could see it better if i were a better photographer

I’d check the under side of that leaf for any signs of pests.

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Time to check runoff ph and ppm at next watering and see what the numbers tell us.

Get ur magnifying glass out n really check the underside of ur leaves, spider mites, n aphids r hard to see with the naked eye. Give them a good once over to b sure. :no_mouth::no_mouth::alien:

I got the big boy lighted magnifying glass out. i am seeing some TEENIE white spots that do seem to wipe off, but i cant seem to id them as pests even with the microscope. perhaps others may spot something i am not seeing.

@Hellraiser i made perhaps another foolish decision to use 7 gal bags this grow cause well, my 3’s were all “soiled” and i didnt order new ones in time… so, i have some 16" tall plants (they were 8 inch last week) that WERE only taking about 24 oz, that i have just upped to a gallon per watering, but even that didnt seem to give me any run off this am. (i do seem to thoroughly enjoy making things difficult for myself. you might say i have quite the knack for it).

i used up the last of the batch of Jack’s with the watering. i could water with some pH’d tap water too try to get some run off, or wait til noon when i can step away from work and make another 5 gal batch of Jack’s. i am leaning towards waiting and using the new jack’s batch.

magnifying glass

top of leaf


i am not seeing critters


lots of unidentified white spots

Finally, the claw

but new growth looks good

@Hellraiser, FINALLY got some run off. i didnt have time to make another batch of Jacks, but i had 5 gal of tap water “aging” to kill the CL. it was running over 7.5 so i pH down to 6.7 and it took about 1-1/2 gallons to get enough run off to grab a sample.

tap water in = 6.7pH, 3.7 EC (1960 ppm), i really dont understand my Vivosun TDS/EC meter so if they seem wrong, its probably me

run off = 5.5 pH, 4.8 EC, (2,440 PPM)

i was surprised at how low the pH was coming out. does this mean i should do a soil slurry test?
its FFHF with about 25% Perilite.
i am using Jack’s 3-2-1 full strength every feeding except first feed of the week where i use tap with Fish Sh!t, Recharge and 1/2 strength Silica Blast

the Strawberry Cough next to this Hindu Kush looks GREAT, with no claw.

The unidentified white spots that u can wipe off could just b perlite dust, that u added. Also if ur reusing ur solo cups u need to wash n sanitize them baby’s, ur playing with fire if ur not cleaning the cups. Requirement for veg stage tend to b rich n Nitrogen to support early growth, also light requirement is less during veg growth when the plant is producing higher amounts of biomass. To much nitrogen during early growth can f**k ur plant. The claw can also b caused by to much nutes, r minerals, along with the white spots. Perhaps u might consider cutting ur nutes, also check the basics to ensure they ain’t water logged. Keep on keeping on, there r enough peps on the forum, to help u figure this out… I’ll keep watching, lurking about trying to leach some info to help u out :thinking::thinking::alien:


@AlienBrew thanks for the response, DUH, Perilite!! i never thought of that being the spots but it does make perfect sense, esp since i “fluff” the top of my soil when i check on day 2-3 to make sure that it feels dry downunder.
i know there are a lot of folks that are using Jacks, so i am wondering if it was my water or just the strain (my first time for Hindu Kush) that this girl just likes a slightly different diet.

i did order some Captain Jacks yesterday just to be sure, but seems like i may not need that just yet.

thanks again.

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Have never grown HK so I have O experience as to their nute intake. From reading ur thread it seems ur putting some preventable stress on ur girls, “unsuccessful Fimming, topping both because of stretching, which is a direct symptom of light height”. From looking at ur pics, it appears they might b receiving to much water, r ur PH might b slightly high for soil. Remember sometimes less is more, do some research before taking unnecessary actions, reach out to the good peeps here n the forum. Mistakes r how we learn, n I’ve made my fair share, everyone who grows does, just don’t make’em twice. Hope ur back on track, I’ll lurk about, c if I can leach some useful info, good luck :+1::+1::v::alien:

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Sounds like mystery solved.

Ok, another day, another decision.
Today is day 60 out of the ground for my HK and SC. They appear to be doing lovely since recovering from a brief stint of 'the claw". They are on a regimen of Jack’s with a weekly supplement of FishSh!t and Recharge.


Slightly better pic of Strawberry, you can see both girls are around 19 inches.

Now for the question. When i started this grow, i wanted 3 or 4 plants. i know that would be tight, but i wanted to FILL every inch. Only 2 seeds made it. i had a few bad starts trying to drop additionals seeds. One finally took but she is only on day 24 out of the ground. sooo, HUGE difference.

She is ready for transplant. i will be moving her (another Strawberry Cough) to a 3 or 5 gal fabric pot today (depending on which i have that is clean).

i would LOVE to keep the other two in veg and let #3 catch up. so far i have been pinching / selectively topping the two larger girls (they are all Photos, so no harm).

i have the beginnings of a nice structure for the big ones. Does anyone have any tips for what else i could be doing to hold these two back to allow #3 to catchup.
I know @Hellraiser and others keep some in veg as long as they like until they are needed. Is this method (pinch / top) the best approach?
Would you even recommend this approach or should i just separate them once i am ready to flip the first two and move #3 to a sep tent till she is ready for the flower tent.

Thanks all! Hope you all are having an enjoyable holiday weekend. I know for us “farmers” there is never a day off.

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oops, forgot pic of #3. moving day out of her solo today.


Hellraiser had a journal on cloning and goes into keeping clone mother’s small. I haven’t read it because I’m not worried about cloning well at the moment (I don’t think). But I believe he went into explaining lower light, lower nute levels and lower watering to slow everything down.

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@Underthestairs, thanks! i knew i remembered reading that on one of his threads but couldn’t remember which.

Happy to help :metal:

I would do that as #3 is just too far behind the others. Fill the tent with the 2 plants.


Better drop some more beans if ur looking to fill ur tent, r take some clones. Otherwise u’ll b looking at the same problem here shortly, Ur first 2 will b nearing the end their cycle, n u’ll b putting a single into a tent with potentially, a lot of available space. :alien:

Thanks for the input @Hellraiser. i was hoping they weren’t too far, but now that i know where i stand, its time to move on.

@AlienBrew, since i am going this route, i am thinking i may take a few clones off the first two and use them as tent buddies for #3. i will fill the tent with the two large plants for this grow and use my seedling and a few clones for the next.


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