Getting started with grow

From a fellow grower:

First timer. Looking to do small grow. 4-10 plants. Autoflower. Highest THC. Highest yield.


Hydro or soil?


Want to make sure I buy what I need, no more no less.


first timer? avoid auto’s they are not easy any mistakes and they start flower even at 6" tall you are far better off learning with fem or reg seeds

How big a space are you growing in. 4-10 plants is not a small grow.

I would recommend hydro. Plants grow faster produce more yield and you know exactly what you are feeding the plant. It is hands on and be aware that once you start growing 10 plants, you are going to be busy tending to them after 3-4 weeks. It can overwhelm some new growers.

Very true I feel all new growers should learn with forgiving plants they will have enough on their plate without the addition of a stress sensitive strain

Tell me about overwhelmed, I had 4 skunk, 1 strawberry/ blue, and 1 bubblegum was only 3 ft. all ready to harvest at once. They all were 6 ft or more. Way to much for this old guy, good thing I had 2 friends who helped a lot.

New growers never seem to understand that growing a whole bunch of plants is asking for problems.

Best to grow 2-3 and have success. :slight_smile: