Getting started the 1st time


Can i grow 4 different strains in the same tent if they are all feminized. Will a 4x4 tent be big enough for 4 plants of different strains? Thanks in advance for the help. Im a disabled vet and the VA has decided to cut my pain meds after spending 20 years getting me addicted to them. Dont get me wrong i would rather be off opiods but i was hoping my state would legalize before the VA cuts me off. Im not looking forward to the withdrawl. Guess ill just have to manup while i wait on these plants to mature. Its my first time ordering seeds so im wanting to try a few different strains. Hoping i could do it in one tent. Also the 39 dollar plant food kit, how many plants will that handle? Thanks again



Yes :wink:


Looks like you have been around the forum for a while but welcome anyway.

As for growing multiple strains in one tent/room, there is no problem with that.

As far as growing four plants in a 4X4 area, that will depend upon how large you allow them to get and what kind of training that you implement. Each of my plants would fill a 4X4, but I made mine large on purpose because I had the room.


The only problem is that some may grow faster than others so you have to raise the light to be above the highest one. That gives the short guys less light, which makes them grow slower, etc. in a vicious cycle. You might want to add some big CFL bulbs down near the short guys.

Don’t forget to change to 12/12 light cycle when your tallest plant is 1/3 to 1/2 as high as the highest you can get your lights. This is important! Nothing worse than running out of room at the end. Your best buds either get burned or you have to chop them off early.


Yea ive been thinking about this for some time, just been 2 mutch of a chicken untill now. I should have started a long time ago and the wait would be over by now. Your comment leads me to think you wouldnt recommend 4 plants in a 4x4. What about 2?. Ive got a 1200 watt lcd but its a cheap looking china and looks small for 1200 watts. I also have a couple 400 metal halide. Dont know if those will be useful or not. Just trying to get started if you know what i mean.


I am not saying that you should not or can not grow four plants in a 4X4, just that they must be kept on the smaller side to fit.

Many folks prefer growing a larger number of smaller plants. I am just learning and will actually be experimenting with many small plants next.

How much and what kind of lighting that you use will be largely dependent upon how you intend to scrub waste heat.

I only use LED in my room and still have a 6" 440 cfm exhaust fan that runs most of the time (when lights are on) to keep the temperature in my 8X8X9 room between 75 and 80 F.


I really only need 2 strains, one for daytime energy and and creativity and one for sleeping and pain. I just dont know what strain would be best for me is why id like to start off with 4 so i have something to compare.


@ybnorml is sounds like it would be best for you to grow the four strains to learn what you like best in just one growing cycle…As I understand it, smaller pots, 3 - 5 gallon, along with training/topping will help keep them under control size wise. This an area that I am a bit weak in. I will tag a few experienced growers that might have a better handle on this.

@Covertgrower @raustin @Justgrowin @Donaldj @Momtomask @Countryboyjvd1971 @garrigan65


@ybnorml @1BigFella put it best.
The indica leaning will be shorter, the day time sativa dominant strain will be taller.
You can, put both in the same tent, but be prepared to take measures to give them the best light you can. Put the indica on buckets, to prop them up. Eventually the sativas will be by themselves, because they’ll flower longer typically.
Thanks for the tag @merlin44


To add to my last comments. What I intend to do, is have two grow cycles. One indica dominant, one sativa dominant. So the heights won’t be as much of an issue. After you have grown them, you might be able to share spaces. Some do remain shorter or taller than others, despite being labeled tall or short.


U can control the size of any plant but why would u really want to except for height? Your lights are going to produce the same amount of bud per sq ft no matter how many plants u try to shove in a space u will get the same amount of bud give or take a little. So why not grow them sep and make the most of your seeds?


Thanks for the tag. You can absolutely grow different strains in one tent. Last year I grew one each of Chocoloupe, Big Bud, and Amnesia Haze, and though it was cramped in my 2’×2’ tent, it worked just fine and i got a taste of each strain. I say go for it!


Right now i only have funds for one grow tent. When my state legalizes ill use the hole bedroom but for now i need to filter the xhaust therefore only one setup for now.


I guess what I’m trying to say is. Your space is going to produce a certain amount of bud. Why use 3 seeds to get there when 1 can. U can have 3 grows and 3 x the yield


Welcome @ybnorml - thank you for your service! The people here will help you any way possible. There are many steps to this process and the more you read the more you will learn - everything from how to set up your grow environment, germinating seeds, caring for seedlings, vegging, flowering and finally harvesting. I am still new (January of this year) but as my plants grew I did too. Remember to ask any question, and to get someone’s attention put the @ in front of their name. Here’s a couple for you @Countryboyjvd1971 @dbrn32


Oh…ok. grow one strain at a time. 8 or 9 weeks per so i only have to wait about 9 months to try them all? Im not sure if i want to chance being stuck with one strain that i may not like.


Lol. Then go for it. 3 may b a stretch 2 very doable.

Oh just out of curiosity, is there really any good grown weed that can b that bad?


Thanks Momtomask, your welcome. Sorry i havent read more of the forum before asking questions. I had a injury to the head and eyes so i have difficulty reading and retaining what i read. Short spurts are easier. Lol


I think some of us just like a lot of variety. I know I do, that’s why I attempted three strains in one grow.


Yep everybody has their “thing” I like to try to get the most out of each plant I grow. Some purposely use small pots to keep them small.

Whatever suits your desires.