Getting setup for next Run

Just ordered the ilgm. Heavy hitters pack. A new tent and mars hydro light. Having surgery on friday so wont be able to set it up until monday or so. Im excited. Will be my 3rd grow cycle. 1st with purchased seeds. Going into reused fox farm ocean forest amended with our own compost. Will post when set up. Going to finish flowering the current crop in the new tent with new lights once its ready. Happy growing


Hope your procedure goes well!


Good luck with your new setup.


Thanks just getting umbilical hernia fixed. From what ive seen its a pretty easy and common surgery so not too worried.


Thanks im excited. Had a homemade “tent” and used led light bulbs. These will be my first light boards. Hoping ill get more yield with all this.


You’re going to LOVE how easy Gorilla Glue is to grow.
It’s a very determined plant, grows and grows.


get yourself some coffee grinds and some dolomite lime. Once you add the compost
you can adjust the ph up or down via the grinds or dolomite. You’ll have to let it sit a week
for the ph to settle and buffer either up or down. The dolomite will take longer to increase the
ph than the grinds will take to lower the ph.

Just a little heads up.

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Yes sir. We have fast acting lime and some soil acidifier i used for our blueberry stick lol. It finally has some flowers and new growth. My wife bought it last year as a stick in a bag.

Umbilical mesh repair for me about a decade ago. 4 days of taking it easy, hardly took pain meds. Hopefully yours is easy as mine was :crossed_fingers:. Looking forward to seeing the setup.

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Awesome. I was afraid it would be like my appendix.

Hope for the best , and lots of medicine for the recovery,looking forward the grow , and some great content. Ridding along

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Thank you all. Everything went smooth. Little pain but a burning some herbal essence and gonna take a nap. Happy growing gromies

Tent arrived today lil late but its here. I need the wifes help to set it up/ move the box for me since im not allowed to lift more than 10lbs. But will be done by lights on at 7 tonight so the 2 girls growing can finish in there. 1 has maybe a week or 2 left other will be longer. By then the new seed should have arrived.

Tent is setup. Just need to plug everything in. And move the girls in flower

jjust gotta put the exhaust vent in when it arrives wednesday and she’s all set.
Lmao. I almost put a pic of my cut up belly button instead of the tent pic. Someone woulda puked lol

Well along with the mars hydro ts1000. I will have a spider farmer sf1000 on thursday. Waiting on mi ilgm order excitedly. Hopefully they get it here soon.

The seeds are in and i have some germinating. Cant wait for them to sprout

So the girls are growing nicely. One more node and they get topped and lst. Also made a co2 generator working nice so far.