Getting rid of PM [powdery mildew]

Can somebody please help me we lost power for several days due to this Frost in the south and I suddenly have p.m. on one of my plants there’s six in the room total but so far I can only see it on one and there’s quite a bit on it I’ve heard of peroxide and water I’ve also heard milk and water has anybody tried to either of these or something else that might work in my situation this is a sealed indoor room so I can’t move them a lot next to living the plant out of the pot and taking it out of the room

You can with a 1:1 of water an hydrogen peroxide, it should help but let’s get some options in @Covertgrower @Holmes @merlin44 an just for quick tags can u post a few pics of the whole plant in natural light kinda see how much your dealing with


JMS organic stylet oil.
Don’t waste time or money on anything else.

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Are both of these options safe in late flower? Im on week 9 with autos…

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I’ve used JMS organic stylet oil in flower. It’s not quite as effective. Probably because of all the nooks, but it’s odorless, tasteless, and supposed to be fine right up to a couple days before harvest.

I find it’ll suppress wpm all the way to finish if it’s used a couple times in veg.

You don’t want to use milk. Trust me on that :laughing:

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I used milk it worked great

Lost Coast Plant Therapy works pretty good.
They have nice samples

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i have been using lost coast in my flower room, one is in late flower, so far seems to have worked. i wanted to try jls but didnt have it local at any stores i frequent. i will know if it is as safe for harvest as they say in a couple weeks, is almost chopping time, they say you can use it up to the day of harvest, will see if i screwed it up here soon. also have wpm in my veg tent, a couple lost coast and a couple azamax treatments and i believe i have it under control there as well now, time will tell. it has taken about 3 weeks to bring it under control and i threw the badly infected plants in the wood stove.

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When I tried milk, it not only stunk up my whole grow area, it left a white residue on the plants that made distinguishing the wpm from milk, all but impossible.

I tried many many products that promoted themselves as wpm cures, only the JMS had a noticeable difference without harming the plant.

Now when I used milk i used 1 :10 and I used spray bottle and misted the plant not saturated and did at end of light cycle so not to burn the plants. Did this for 3 straight days than every 10 days. This picture will show the white residue after drying

Good luck hope you beet the☠️ WPM. I also got my RH down to 40 while battling WPM

Milk is the only exception to the rule when it comes to spraying with lights off. I can’t tell you the name or what exactly happens with the milk in the light because I haven’t used it since the 80s when I worked at a winery we sprayed hundreds of acres with skim milk n water in the AM so the sun would activate something in the milk that can not happen in the dark. Please check this out so that it will work for you. Good luck

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