Getting ready to start second time grow

My first (with a lot of help from you guys) was successful for me.

6 ounces off 5 plants.

Now I shall try again and get things right/better.

By right I mean my pH levels. I do believe that was my downfall.

I measure the pH using the vial and drops method to test my water.

The problem I have is after adding FloraMcro the water is reddish in color and therefore hard to tell what pH level I am at.

Any pH tips?

Oh, it is in soil, cloth bags.


Wish o could help. I use a ph meter pen. Hopefully someone can help you out.

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My best opinion is definitely get a Ph meter this time mate good luck :v:️.


I see no way around not getting a ph tester


Yep, I agree. You really have to get yourself a Ph meter. You don’t have to spend a lot on it, a decent one can cost only $12 on Amazon.


you need to raise ph until it is orange to yellow

On the drop test it is green we want and it takes a BUNCH of drops of pH riser to get it there.

I broke down and bought a meter…grow will start in a couple of weeks.


green maybe to high a light yellow is better but different soils like coir need to be an orange.

That meter will be your best friend