Getting ready to Start my 1st grow

I will be growing in soil In a 48x48x64 tent. Potting soil recipe I mixed up I found on this site. I have jack herer, blueberry, bubblegum all of which are autos. Then I have gold leaf that I have no idea what type it is. I bought it on sale. As a beginner I am wondering which 2 to start with and I am thinking of only dropping two seeds max at this point. Should I try two different type or 2 of the same?


I’m building my room to start MY 1st grow, too. And the more experienced folks will be along to offer greater incite in due course, I am sure.

BUT, if it were me… I would not spend the dough to environmentally control 85.3 cubic feet of space for 12+ weeks for only 2 plants… at best.

  1. I would plan on growing a minimum of 4 plants to harvest (2x2 per plant).

  2. I would sow extra seeds to make sure I got at least 4 good starts that would make the full journey. I know folks don’t like to “waste” seeds, but having to start a second batch then puts your plants at different ages. Of course, you are doing autos, and those guys are going to be all over the place anyway re: growth rate plant to plant.

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Thanks… I think I will drop 5 seeds and see how it goes. If all pop up will I have enough room in the tent to grow them?

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The space is more suitable for 4. I just finished two blueberry autos an two Jack H autos. The JH finished first. By about 20 days. Good luck with your autos.

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I thought about planting a
Gold leaf outside and just letting it go to see what happens.

That’s funny because I just got to gold Leafs ready to go outside my reasoning was because the Breeders guide said they get to be large plants. I guess we’ll see. Welcome.

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The height is what scares me… I am not in a friendly grow state which makes growing outside difficult. I am very fortunate to live in a rural area with lots of mountains, streams and plenty of off road recreational vehicle trails. :smirk: I won’t be able to check on it often if I do plant one outside… decisions decisions…

Hope you have success with yours. Do you have a grow journal? If so tag me I would love to follow along!

I’m also in a non friendly state I plan on topping mine a couple times. Sounds like we’re dealing with about the same area. I’ll put my backpack on. Visit maybe three to four times through the summer Harvest October.

For a 1st grow, I would stick with your original plan…1-2 plants max. There is a learning curve and if something goes wrong, it may effect ALL of your plants. I’d rather screw up or kill 1-2 plants on a 1st grow VS. several. Not to mention the extra cost to adequately provide “good” lighting for the entire 4 x4 space. You can get lighting for a 2 x 4 space and just use half of the tent for 2 plants now, then add another light later for the other half of the tent.

Just a thought…

Good luck!

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Lots of ways to look at this. If you are pretty content growing 1 or two plants, a 3x3 would plenty of space. And you can can get a very nice setup in 3x3 for about the same cost of a bare bones 4x4. With a little experience you can grow several small plants in a 3x3, there are members here that do it very well. A lot of people prefer the bigger space because it provides a little more room to work. But it’s also more room to have to reach into/lean, bend, or reach in most cases. As to where the typical 3x3 you can reach all corners from a single access point a little easier. So put some thought into those things.

You could look at seeds the same way. If you’re worried about cost effectiveness, 1-2 is a great idea for reasons stated above. If you screw up big time you will have plenty more. But if you started something like 4 plants you would have less veg time to a fuller canopy. You can look at that as more yield in your space on less time. The other advantage to starting more plants is that if one has issues you don’t lose your whole grow if you lose the plant.

If there’s not a physical handicap involved that justifies the bigger grow space, I think there is a good amount of value in doing a little smaller space well as opposed to trying to outfit larger space on same budget.


@dbrn32 thanks for your input… many things you mentioned I
Had never thought of since being a beginner. I have the 48x48x60 tent already and just assembled it this evening. I must say it is rather large for my use but who knows!!! I am
Usually known for going to extremes when I get interested in something!
Example…always wanted a camper but never bought one. Have done the boat thing and have Harley’s and a side by side now and 3 weeks ago went and finally bought a camper 41 foot 5th wheel camper that has all the bells and whistles… long story short the camper will not fit in my yard I have to leave it at my dads!

I generally have buyers remorse OFTEN!


Welcome to the forum and Happy Growing

Welcome to the forum. Great advice already given. During my first grow I started extra seeds in the belief that I would cull some. I fell in love with all my girls and only culled one. Now I am for ever wondering if I kept the correct plant. Ended up with 5 in a 3x3 tent, way too much.

Ask all the questions you can think of members on this forum are great and want every grower to succeed.

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I sewed 4 seeds (gold leaf, bubble gum auto, blueberry auto, jack herer auto) on the 24th Directly into happy frog soil. I have 2 that gold leaf & bubble gum that popped up over night. They both have the shell on them… Will the fall off on there own or do I need to manipulate it to urge the shell to come off?
@dbrn32 @QST_59 @Bubblehead @kellydans @MoneyPit
I have to leave in a few hours to head out of state because my son is having neck surgery. I am praying
Everything goes smoothly and I will return on Thursday. I hope the little kiddos will be okay while I am away


I have decided to leave them be and hope to return in a
Few days to the shells being gone
And the plants
Still alive.
Unexpected life events seems to always have me changing my plans!

I hope all goes well with your sons surgery.

I will be praying for you hope everything goes well. Sometimes you do have to help peel the little seed cap off tweezers or toothpick.

Praying in agreement with you for a successful procedure, rapid and complete recovery from the surgery and of any lost function… and of course that your plants will be patient while you are away. :slight_smile:

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Hope that surgery goes well!

Sometimes the shell will come off, and sometimes you need to help it. Take a look when you get back. If it’s not falling off, start giving it a light mist of water couple times a day to soften it up. Just be careful not to flood your seedling. Once it softens up you can usually remove them if need be.