Getting ready to run Tropicanna Poison Fast Version

I had ordered 20 seeds looking for that nice red.

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Sprouted yesterday in water then put under a burple led last night.

Good luck :deciduous_tree: :sunglasses: I’ll watch

They will go in coco and eventually into 7 gal fabric pots. I will be feeding them with Jack’s as it’s easy and I’m getting great results. Lighting will be 3k watts HPS and 645w LED full spectrum. Area is 8x8 with each light covering approximately 4x4 but debating on getting 2 more LEDs each providing a 4x4 foot print. Any recommendations for a light under $700 each? The LED I have now requires a minimum order quantity and I’m good on that.

I’m a fan of spider farmer and their sf4000 is 450w and like $600 very impressive growth

Not much going on right now. Will update more when its worth it.

I ended up out of state the last few months so I will have to try this again. I would love to see a room full of this.

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This one has seen days without water multiple times, watered several times without nutrients and without checking PH. I’m rather shocked at how well it looks.

Here’s a picture of some in flower for anyone wanting to see :see_no_evil::rofl:. Vegged way to long and just given enough to get by while I was gone. Those are 6ft tall if anyone is wondering. Everything was cloned fortunately.

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Beautiful colors!

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I love the coloring I’m getting especially since the room is always hot.

I think after this next run I will stick to the Tropicanna and maybe one other strain. I just can’t get over the look and smell.

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Look beautiful man! It’s a photoperiod strain correct? I know it says crossed with an Auto. But they take as long as normal photos to grow right?

Thank you and yes it’s a photoperiod. Im not positive on the flower time but it’s quick.

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I can’t wait to get back into town to look at my babies. I should have a few more ready to come down and then I can start another 4x4 scrog.

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Not really much to look at IMO