Getting Ready to Flower

Hi. This is my first grow Im just learning.
My “ladies” are doing great in the veg state.
I’m ready to progress to flowering. If my plants
get to close to my lights, how do I trim them so I don’t
damage the plant? My grow tent is only 58 In high. I would expect that once the plant goes
into flowering, it will stop or slow down going upward.'Thanks.


Actually just the opposite will happen. When you put the plant into flower it will stretch. Depending on strain and growing conditions it could add 1/3 or more in size. Generally a sativa will grow a little taller than a indica. How much room do you have between light and top of plant. If necessary you can tie top of plant over to prevent it from getting to close to light. If possible take a picture of top your grow area with space between light and plant and post it.


Your plants are going to stretch. And could double in size Depending on strain as mentioned. I would start looking at shortening the rigging on your lights to gain a few inches. I have shortened rigging. And also gently pulled and tie plants down something that most of us have had to do at one time or another. Good luck.