Getting ready to fight pancreatic cancer

Hello everybody, for the last year I have been reading and learning as much as I can about growing Marijuana just for the sake of saving a couple of bucks.

Yesterday I got some awful news, my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

We do not have the money for a traditional treatment or surgery and also I’m against all that chemo stuff that only makes everything worse.

We decided to attack it with heavy RSO usage since I have seen a lot of positive feed back on the internet.

If you have any experience with oil, medical strains, usage or anything you consider useful please hit me up!

I have to say that we live in a “medical state” but since it is still a bureaucratic industry I’m planing on growing as much as he needs and if we can get our hands on some medical weed through his doctor that will be a plus.


Sorry to hear about your dad… but don’t rule anything out. This could be the fight for his life so the more weapons you have the better. I have 2 friends in their own battles.
With the proper knowledge (which is available here) you can grow medical strains as good as you can buy… Good luck to you both

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Sorry to hear about your Dad. I know @MAXHeadRoom is fighting his cancer with RSO and could help you out @Cocinero

Sorry to hear that, I hope things work out.

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@Sasquatch @MattyBear thank you for your good thoughts! If money and insurance allows it, he will get a traditional treatment as directed by his doctor (they haven’t talk about treatment since they are still waiting for a final test, but a CAT scan shows a moderate “stain” on his páncreas) besides the cannabis treatment.

We feel really optimistic and If he gets to improve his health with RSO he is all in for making a big deal about his case on social media and such, that way more people will learn the benefits from this magical plant!


I think RSO oil is great and the things that mr Simpson has done are great…

It takes allot of cannabis to create enough RSO oil to fight cancer so grow like crazy if your gonna do it :blush:


You aint kiddin. Out of 12oz I got enough for one 60 gram treatment and still have some raw material left if I need more.

@Cocinero I am on my last month of treatment but still need to ingest about 20 more grams for a full treatment. Then I will get a cat scan and post the results. It took me about a year to grow enough for one treatment. I was doing edibles but that didn’t work because I was not ingesting enough a day. When I got my last cat scan and the tumors got worse even though I was doing edibles, I was devastated. But you just got to shake it off and get busy.

We are all here to help you with your grow and info on how to make the oil and dosage also.

If you need any help just tag me and we will work everything out for you. God Bless.
I live in Michigan if that is helpful.


Man, I went through your post a couple of weeks ago, even before knowing about my dad and at that time I felt like you are such an inspirational man, I send you all my positive vibes and love!

I’m getting around 4 Oz for starters. My dad was a heavy smoker but haven’t had more than a couple of joints in the past 20 years. So I’m planning on getting him to smoke regularly for at least a couple of weeks, then do la 0.20 oil a day and start building tolerance. @MAXHeadRoom

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Thank you for your positive vibes and love. The people on this website would give you the shirt off their back if they could.

I will try and finish up my oil post tonight. I have been dragging my feet on it anyway.

4oz should get you 20 grams and your dad can start his treatment while you figure out how to get the rest.

I could not do the oil orally so I do it the suppository method. This gets more oil into your system compared to smoking or oral anyway and you don’t get high, so you can function normally. At least as normal as I was. lol


Thats the reason why i love this forum, nothing but good vibes, different from other websites where i have read comments from people getting into arguments about the topic of growing marijuana, lol.

I guess suppository will be the way to go. Im also getting one of those magnetic hot plate stirrer so i can make some good oil.


Sorry dear, I haven’t heard much about the application of cannabis on such, but there could be useful tips

@MAXHeadRoom @marijgee @TDubWilly @Shatter @MattyBear @Sasquatch hello guys! I got some good news. My dad just had his last test and they said it is just one tumor on the páncreas tale, stage 2. It is not spread out, so he is candidate for surgery and it’s already scheduled! They said the operation should be enough, but he will get minimal radiation just as assurance. He is going to see a medical cannabis doctor this week for his license.

I had a lot going on and had to harvest little sooner. However, this medicine is by far the best I had in a long time and I swear I am not aabragging haha. I just did a test smoke and when I grind it a great citrus smell fills up the room. I think it is the clear quartz that I buried in the soil, because I admit I could have done it better taking care of the plant :frowning:


Great News about your Dad!

How much oil did your dad get to consume before the test?

So far he have only smoked a couple of joints. No oil yet. I guess he will start next week when he gets his license. We figured out it would be just easier buying the oil extract directly from the pot shop.

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We are still kinda lost about how what they legally sell because in our state they have this “low thc” rule thing… So we are waiting what we can get legally first and if anything, we will get just some bud from the streets and make our own oil

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I have read that a 50/50 CBD/THC ratio is the best for treating cancer. I have found that smoking and eating edibles in small doses does not work for my cancer. The dosage is just to small and my tumors actually grew with that treatment. But what doesn’t work for one person may work for another. I hope and pray that your father makes a full recovery and that you find what works best for your dad. :sunglasses: @Cocinero


Glad to hear that! These days surgery is almost as dangerous as shaving! Good luck to your dad! Good news always cheers up my day!

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I hope everything works out for your dad @Cocinero. My dad had pancreatic cancer and had the robotic surgery done. That was 7 years ago and he’s still cancer free. Prayers to your family