Getting ready to de-carb

When decarbing for making oil in the MB Machine is it necessary to cure? I have a bunch dried and now in curing jars but wondering if curing is needed.

Thanks, RAP

Mine were in jar a few days then MBm showed up. I decarbed 2 oz and 750 ml of everclear 150. 2.5 cups Anyway first time and could have used less but I thought needed more. After 4 hours had almost quart of tincture. Put that on low heat and evaporated most of the alcohol off. Made some strong weird gummies. :joy::joy::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:
Short answer from a rookie yes. As long as it’s dry

I’ve done it fresh and I’ve done it cured I prefer it in between as long as you got a good month on it it’s usually best But I use a sous vide cooker and do it for 10 days really really really strong


Do you sous vide for decarbing or after decarbing for the finished oil?

I press so I use the pucks that are left over the press decarbs other wise I use the oven then the water cooker