Getting ready for my first transplant

Getting ready for my first transplant. I bought a bag of Happy Frog potting soil and a bag of Mykos, now I see the Happy Frog already has mycorrhizal in it… Should I still add the Mykos as planned, or skip it? I plan on mixing 50/50 Happy Frog with my backyard garden soil into 1-Gal containers.


I would add the mycos it makes the roots go crazy


Need to ask, are these plants to be grown indoors?

No, this is entirely an outdoor grow.

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Personally I would add a couple big spoons that would be the norm for me. Good luck


Certainly wont hurt, but if you use fertilizer like GA or FF trio stuff it will kill the bio. For this stuff to really work you need bio. Make teas, or use bio stimulators and work with you native outdoor soil. It will be best.

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Thank you. I did also buy the FF Trio, but I haven’t used anything yet… This is my first grow, could you explain a little more about what you’re suggesting would be best? Thanks again!

Well, the mycelium that is beneficial for your plant is a living organism not unlike a yeast or fungus. Excessive salt build up or ph that is out of range will harm or kill it. The mycelium needs bacteria to deliver nutrients to your plant. The bacteria require foods such as sugar and starches to feed off. The entire process is a natural one. The whole mycos thing is really kinda questionable in a pot. You really only benefit if the organism is free to search and interact with other living things. Its why I garden in real outdoor natural soil, because its alive and will grow plants and food with nothing more than inputs. Composts, earth worms and their poo, crushed egg shells, sea weed, kelp, fish meal, bone meal and loads of other things. Living soil requires a lot of different stuff. Its like our bodies, we need a wide variety of foods, while I love pizza it alone wont keep me healthy. The same for soil, you feed the soil and its organisms in turn it feeds your plants.
If you look a a bag of FF ocean forrest m, what do you see it is made of? Whats in the bag? That material is a supersoil, and is made of a blend of man made products. Super soils are a fast way to make what takes nature hundreds of years to do. Its well balanced, and works beautifully, that is until the roots hit the side of the pot. When the food is gone, its gone. The grower now needs to treat that material like a hydroponic grow to ensure the plant doesnt starve to death. Ultimately that would happen in a real soil grow too, so we add compost and other inputs both during the grow and over the winter.


Thank you very much for your explanation. Ultimately they will end up in the ground. The first transplant is a stepping stone until I can sex the plants. Once I know how many of the dozen will end up female I’ll have a better idea of their spacing.

Get an amended super soil. Those are good starting soils but like @Cannabian said you have to add the trio To make sure you get the results. Super soils or living soils are much better but for those seedlings that should work for now.

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How old are your seedlings? how many? what are they in now solo cups? where are you located? what is your final plan for the outdoor grow? with this info i or we can get you on the right track for sure not a prob my friend just need to get a visual of what you are trying to achieve! :v:

My seedlings are just shy of 4-weeks, and I have 11. I started them in peat pods, We are located in SE Michigan. My final plan is to finish them in the backyard garden soil. Thanks!