Getting ready for a new grow

Ok guys im getting prepared for my new grow im goin out of my comfort zone here ive decided to do one auto blueberry and a pineapple kush fem seed i normally just do autos but this time i decided to do a photoperiod plant aswell as a auto both plants will be grown with organics but im thinking about doin both of them in 3 gallon fabric pots or i mite do the photoperiod in the five gallon fabric pot ,i will be reusing the soil from my last grow i will be using kelp meal and alfalfa meal fish bone meal and sea bird guano and volcanic rock dust fertilizer and superworm frass and worm castings and maybe mushroom compost aswell so it will be a interesting grow as most of yous have seen my white widow auto grow im hoping that this next grow goes aswell as my last one .if i run one of the plants in a five gallon pot it will most likely be the pineapple kush fem, i put the seeds into warm water with three drops of hydrogen peroxide which ive never done before


I will follow along

Yah no worries @dirtydave follow me on a journey

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Will this be your actual grow journal?

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I would like to invite everyone to join me on this journey @Debb ,@Flitme @Fiz @Skateallday55 @Budz @Borderryan @Newt


Yah it will be this time

@MeEasy come join me in my next grow

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This a potassium and phosphorus concentrate that im making i will be using this in flowering stage
it is made out of 8 whole bananas with brown sugar and molasses i used this in my last grow with the white widow auto


Thanks for the tag Tezza, I’m set to watch I’ll grab my :chocolate_bar:🧋 default_bong7bp :popcorn:

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Set to watch good luck !

I’m in.

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Thanks for the invite, I’m in! Banana, molasses and brown sugar huh? Sounds like it’s time to bake! :rofl:

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Thank You for the tag. I’m am anxiously watching :blush::v:

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I’m :eyes::+1:!

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Ur welcome i will be chopping the white widow soon and drying it so ive got room for the next grow

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Ok guys here is a update my seeds have cracked they have little white tails i will be putting them on to paper towel now and i will be waiting until they have a bigger tap root before i put them in to biodegradable cardboard cups

I have a mix of coco coir with peat moss and perlite mix with worm castings mixed in

Thise cups don’t break down like they should and restricts the roots quite a bit. I used one jiffy cup like that and the roots stayed that size with minimal roots that shot thru the pot. Beware of those

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I will be taking the seedlings out of the cups when there bog enough

following along! i saw your delicious white widows and i’m intrigued by this banana concoction

if you want, you may be able to add the journal tag to this thread by editing the title. if you can’t, i can add the tag if you’d like. helps keep things organized.