Getting ready for 2nd harvest (trichome check)

The girls (blueberry og feminized) are going into week 7 of feeding chart (wk 8 since switch), and im about to switch them over to distilled water only.

Judging from the trichome pics, im thinking 1 to 2 weeks, but i just want to make sure im not pulling way too early.

Some of the shoots look good at the head, but underneath still have tons of white pistils that havent turned. Do they still have more growing to do there?

Trichome shots

Plant/bud shots

Cool blurple shot



I should mention the front left plant is like 1 to 2 weeks behind but theres nothing i can do about that. The other 3 are on same schedule.

Milky, cloudy and amber. Still a lot of clear in those pics, but you are close.

A Complete Guide on When to Harvest Hemp

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Thanks man. Ive got an idea of where i want them to be when i pull them, but i just havent done this enough to know when to start the last 2 weeks of straight R.O. water. I want to start the water 2 weeks before i pull them basically, so im trying to guess ahead. You have any input on that? Or if theres another way of doing it?

I started growing outdoors many, many tokes ago. Flushing wasn’t a thing for obvious reasons. Started growing indoors a few years ago and decided it wasn’t something I needed to worry about,

If you’re gonna flush, I’d start now. Plain water for the last few weeks and if you have to go a little longer, your plant looks healthy enough to handle it.


Awesome. Thank you bro

Right on with oldmarine probably 2-3 weeks just keep checking and would switch to just water. Great job get ready for trim jail :slightly_frowning_face:

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I like trim so far…put on a good tv series and just chill haha thanks!

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