Getting pots pre set up

I have my seeds soaking in water. They should be ready in a day or two. Can I start getting mo pots filled and set up w soil in 3 gallon fab pots from start to finish. I’m planting autos using happy frog potting soil of which I’m amending the soil w roots organic tea and roots organic extreme calcium and magnisum. Will the soil be good to sit alone in the pot for a day without nothing in it as in no seed


The problem with going directly into their forever home is watering. You can’t control the watering cycle as easily. Additionally; seedlings need NO nutrients and in fact will die if exposed to levels too high. As seedlings they derive their nutrition from the first set of leaves (cotyledons) and their moisture from the air. I strongly advise you start your seedlings in something like a Solo cup with many holes and a neutral, nutrient free medium like a seed starting mix or straight coco. Once they develop a tap root under a dome, you can then pot up into their big girl home.


I’ve heard that autos suffer shock from transplant because they grow so fast. With the happy frog from fox farm could I just start them in that and not amend the soil? As for watering I’m just going to use a spray bottle and spray them twice in the morning and at night.

@Bakerschoice They are several good seedling starting soil on the market black gold makes one an fox farm also has one just for seedlings. As @Myfriendis410 mentioned good idea to start seedlings in Solo cups then transplant to your fabric pots. You can pick up a small bag of seedling starter soil fairly cheap. Good luck with your grow.

I’ve watched videos and have done some research and found out that fox farm is not hot and won’t burn the seedling. If I just use a spray bottle and a turkey baster (just for watering) I should be able to control the amount of water it gets…and only give them water twice a day. I won’t amend the soil. Question then…I’m using organic fertilizer called roots organic. U can amend the soil of which I won’t to but u can put a top dress on them and u can make a tea for them and I have the equipment to make the tea. When should I start feeding them i.e. by what week, what hight, etc. thanks guys!

They slow down more from over watering.

You can start them in their final home but you have to be Johnny on the spot to not drown them. The only water they need is the amount sprayed on to the inside of a clear Solo cup twice a day and placed over the seedling.

Feeding should NOT be done until the plant shows signs it’s hungry.

When you water seedlings, make life easy on yourself and use distilled water which doesn’t need to be PH’d. Just fill a spray atomizer with it and use that to spray your dome.

Lights on 24/0 until rooted.

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Awesome thank you so much! I’ll poke a little hole in the top of the solo cup so air and co2 can be expelled and changed. Much appreciated!

Should I poke a small hole on top of the clear solo cup?

I grow in fox farms (after I start in jiffy pucks)
And ocean forest will cause issues for seedlings, happy frog not so much. I Run the top 1/4 of the top along with a plug in the center to the bottom of happy frog while the rest is ocean forest.
This allows the tap root to grow before it hits the rich soil.

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That is smart! I’ll just use have of what I’m supposed to amend the soil at the bottom of my 3 gal fabric pot and top the other half with just happy frog…think that’s a good idea? Also I got solo cups to put over them as a dome to keep up humidity. Should I poke a hole in the top of the dome or some on the sides? Thank you

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Layering HF and OF is a great idea and lots of growers do that. I start mine in Promix (pure peat) and then go into final substrate. If soil then I just make a depression matching the pot and transplant with a little mykos. You can poke a hole or not but you will be aerating that space twice a day when you mist the inside of the dome. So I would say it’s not necessary.

FYI if you want to get anyone’s attention use the @ sign and follow with their forum handle like this @Not2SureYet.

@Myfriendis410, hey thank you so much for all the support and help this forum is amazing and that’s because of u guys. Ok, got it. Do u think I could get away with amending the bottom half of the 3gallon fabric pots soil and leaving the top half just strait happy frog? Or just no amending at all. Promise last question for awhile lol :woozy_face:

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@Nicky…thanks for the help to Nicky!

Absolutely. That works just fine.

As long as there is condensation on the inside of the Solo cup you have plenty of water for the seedling. A couple of squirts with a spray atomizer morning and evening is usually plenty.

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Ok will do…I spent 4 years in the army and been around and seen some heavy things. Can’t tell u what this plant has helped. This part so far hahah…super stressful but once I learn I no that it’s going to be something I do for the rest of my life…and hopefully, make a lifestyle and a career from. But for now…let’s start small w the basics…just breath hahah. Seriously my friend god bless and thank you


Hey @Nicky, how far do u fill up your pots with soil? Do u leave like a inch at the top or do u full it all the way up?

@Myfriendis410 I forgot to ask I asked @Nicky as well, how far do I fill the pot with soil. Do I leave an inch at the top or do I just fill her all the way full. Leaving an inch seams to make most sense to me because u would need space to add other stuff or top dress fertilize to be able to sit on or for water to soak down. Sorry for bugging just trying to get it right…being a noobie and everything


My final pots get filled to an inch or two from the top. The Solo cups just need a decent space for the seedling.

That’s about what I was thinking thank you :+1::v:

I fill them right to the top but make sure there is just a little lip of the fabric pot so the water doesn’t Cary soils over the top.

This is because over time as you water the soil it will shrink and there will be more room, also more soil = more nutrients thus longer until I have to feed nutrients (Wich nutes comes in salts). Make sure your mix has a good amount of perlite in it as cannabis like airy soil.

If you do use solo cups it can be a good idea to fill it only about half full so that the sprout will go straight up, as the cup will block side like and thus it won’t lean