Getting out of hand


I Started a outside grow last year and then did a little dabbling in cloning over the winter season, then bought one tent and a light , full scrubber system , then another light , then another tent with light , noit w upgraded my light , I started this for a hobby since Im federal regulated and have regular drug test , now it is to the the point I got alot of money wrapped up in this and my wife shaking her head at me , got a whole room absorbed in a grow “Green Room” and of course are my friends that all are happy to come around , give it away , now its at a point , if Im not making a profit this is to much time and money , sell clones? , what do you think?


I don’t grow for money, but a friend of mine sells his clones for $25 each.


All though i cant condone doing anything illegally
And following your states laws would be prudent
I for one couldn’t blame you for off setting some expenses?
I dont grow for profit either but i have helped out a friend or two in the past for donations?
I will say this dont get greedy :wink:


I save a lot of money on Christmas and Birthday gifts for my friends and family they think I have a
" guy I know " that gives me good prices because I have worked for him . They get a ounce at the holidays and b-days that they think I paid for and I dont have to go shopping for them . But only my wife and daughter know I grow safety first for me


Lol, ive got a guy too. I go there for birthdays, xmas ect as well.


@Laurap isnt it great ? Last Christmas I did a gift grow that cost me 2 seeds and gifted about 12 ozs to family and friends figured it saved me 3 bills or so . That meant I had extra for nutrients lol


All my friends & family get the same gifts for birthdays & Christmas. I think if i changed the tradition feelings would be hurt. Friends & family Always enough to share. :wink:


I just started growing in 2016 and 2017 was my first gift giving of the herbage and people are already letting me know when their Birthdays are .


Ive been only growing a year this month. But before that i bought it for kids & family. Its the gift that keeps on givivg! Lol


It’s like that for most growers. Family and friends tend to visit more often after harvest time.

I don’t know if I should think it’s funny or :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: up…


Lmao mine don’t show up but they don’t know I grow my own they just think I know one . It was awkward when they asked me to go buy them some more but I played it off as a once or twice a year thing because of the lost $ . I feel guilty not being truthful but I would feel worse if one got popped and wanted out I would feel worse if I got busted to get them out


I’ve never sold, so cultivating is the worst they could ever get me for legally. Not that it would make it any better.


@Laurap @Oldstoner @FloridaSon this is why I love the people here. Giving it to worthy people is a way for me to enjoy it with less guilt and can justify some of the expense as hobby driven. In the scheme of things it’s less expensive than a golf habit (growing) and keeps me out of trouble lol.

One of my best friends asked me to bring him some weed to give to his sister for Christmas. I brought him 2 zips of Sour D and 3 of Gold Leaf. He gave a small sample to his 100% disabled neighbor who essentially peed himself when he tasted home grown versus dispensary. The upshot is I’m bringing a few more out in May and he’ll reimburse me for diesel lol! Really EXPENSIVE diesel.


You cant beat freshly grown. I had to buy medical illegally until started growing.
Just have the one tent so really stingy with it. Wish i could grow more.


Thankyou everybody for the responce , gave me a couple of Ideas
what to do next , just turned one girl into flower stage last week and the rest are in the other tent in Veg , going to clone the rest and start turning the lights out , Ill move 4 plants out side , spread my girls out to friends , and might do the some donations , :kissing: put the winter season to rest.


, ya just bought a cloner , Dam…