Getting more light with LST

Hello, i wanted to drop this as a tip of sorts if anyone is interested. I just started to do this last week and I am already seeing results. Actually within a couple of days I started seeing results. I started using wire to bend the tops of the buds over so they can get more direct light. Within a couple of days the buds doubled in size and got frosted really quick.


Imagine you had started earlier.


I would find something else for your bend. Bare wire is a bad move. The wind/fan will move it back and forth eventually cutting your stalk.


I use Soft Wire from RapiClip. I will often make a hook with it to grab the branch then tie it off with Plant Twist Ties


Beautiful :heart_eyes_cat:

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I will keep an eye out. No issues yet

Soft rubber coated wire is another good lst product so are lat clips