Getting Medical Marijuana

Hello Everyone!

I plan on getting medical marijuana prescriptions preferably online. A place of trusted professionals or medical marijuana specialists who help patients gain access to medical marijuana program. I have encountered many sites…

Can anyone suggest a better place or site? I really need to find a green doctor who supports and specializes in medical marijuana.

What state are you in? I have a Massachusetts MMJ card and it was relatively easy to find doctors in my area. I’m not familiar with the website you linked. It does cost about $250 for a card in MA.


That looks like a Canadian site.


A LOT of Canadians are pissed at Trump for restricting MMJ or just MJ in general in the USA. Canada is not a long ways from getting recreational MJ from what I have heard from some of my friends living north of the border. Not sure if that is true but I have seen several articles about Canada and their anger with Trump over cannabis.

All this argument about a weed that God placed on the earth for our use. If it had no use, it would not be there. One of the politicians from my area was all for MJ and then after getting elected, “Changed His Mind” and went 180 degrees after getting elected. He is the worst kind of liar, one that I have seen smoking pot at a party and then takes money to vote the other way.

WELL, he did a pretty stupid thing as far as I am concerned. I am going to make it my personal mission to make sure he NEVER gets elected again. Already started getting people organized, mostly local vets, to start working on him. Time to leave office Bubba !

@Niala Hope you are doing well! What have you heard about Canada and recreational MJ ?


With all of the investment capital flowing onto the legalized states of the US - a lot of venture capital from abroad as well – it astounds me that this administration is hedging on a business friendly attitude towards MMJ & MJ … it really goes to show how entrenched negative perceptions and beliefs about cannabis are. It’s ridiculous the level of jeopardy good people are being forced to place themselves in only to obtain meds for themselves or their families…when in another state they could live thier lives normally and with greater freedom. So yeah, lets now piss off our northern friends and close doors of opportunities for farmers and entrepreneurs here to engage in trade win Canada…sigh


But on a more positive note…:heart_eyes:…happy 420…we are living in great times and the cultural shift cannot be stopped at this point


Agree with you ! Happy 420 ! Cannabis is going to be legal, I feel it is just a matter of time before the nay-sayers are out of office and legalization is finally accomplished. The revenue for the states and the federal government will be enormous. !!


Yes but unfortunately he was still better than our other option we need to get it back through the Senate to where they can decriminalize it and take it off of the scheduled listed is currently on


This is not a place to advertise yourself nor a phone number @kimsweed thats a bannable offense here and violates our policy

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Do not visit people like this or you could be ripped off big time. Your security is at risk, if you do. You could open yourself up to identity theft, home invasion , or just plain fraud. You have been warned! Admin-ILGM :frowning:

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