Getting it right - almost ready to harvest

My sea of green. Almost ready, still a few white flowers and the trichromes are clouding a bit. This is IGLM Gold Leaf from clones at 12 weeks.


Very nice!

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Drooling right here. Beautiful!!!

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This would not be happening if it weren’t for ILGM!


That’s a nice Christmas present to yourself

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There is no shortage here of holiday gifts to give family and friends :grin:.


im smoking mine now. good tasting smoke.

SOG is a blast. How many clones? Size / footprint?

Just 4 clones (trying to keep the “legal” 4-plant limit). My setup is 2’x8’ = 16 square feet. Untrained (not SCROG’ed) these plants can grow to 6’. Trained/SCROGed, these are about 4’ tall, but my bud yield is HUGE!

SCROG is great!

Beauties. My SOG attempts are smaller scale, only 2x2. But it lets me put the extra clones to use. This one is only 6 purple haze in 1 gallon pots with coco. A couple weeks before harvest

Very nice.

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