Getting impatient

That’s a long read but looking at their harvest section it’s saying the same thing I said. But I’m not trying to argue. Just stating what most people agree is the correct harvest time line. But we are all here to grow our own stash so do whatever works for you.

I’m not trying to argue either I’m reading harvest timing, We may be just saying the same thing in ways we arnt understanding each other, who knows

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Lol could be. Hard to be really clear sometimes on the internet. :blush:

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We both agree on one thing Its a long article LOL

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Yes but looks like a good read from the sections I went through. So thanks for that. I like learning all I can.

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@sillyman thanks for that article- still reading bits and pieces - very interesting

@DoobieNoobie so if a plant strain has higher CBD and you want to harvest it at highest CBD content - would you still harvest at mostly cloudy to 20% amber- as I’ve read most ppl looking for highest THC would harvest?

That’s a personal decision. If you want more sedative effect then higher like 50% if less than 20% or lower.

The strain you grow determines the potential of CBD. the timing of the harvest is important. The article I posted should give a person a time frame of when or what to look for before harvest depending on what type of effects they want,. every one of us is differant. I harvest a bit earlier than others because I make tintures and creams, My wife and I don’t smoke it at all. I use THC for creams and CBD for the tintures. I have no use for CBN. Anyway the last few paragraphs in the article should explain what the plant is going through so you can better time the harvest

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Thank you so much @sillyman @DoobieNoobie for your input.
I did go on and read so much last night. I don’t personally like THC high. I’m msinly looking for CBD and a relaxing type of effect. Although probably not quite CBN but I’m unsure till I try I guess. THC gives me anxiousness which is what I’m trying to reduce.
However I have never tried medicinal type strains before. Will see how the blueberry goes.
I think I’ve decided to go with majority cloudy trichomes and until I only see 20% or less amber. See how that goes. Hopefully later work out some good ways to make oil/tinctures too.

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Additionally, i has no idea that CBD actually turned into THC, I thought they were both separate or that CBD occurred after THC- hence why I assumed CBD is created when cbn occurs.
Thanks for clearing that up for me

Here’s a neat chart with effects of the most common known cannabinoids I just found. Some strains have more or less of these. I think THCV is the least common although there are breeders working on strains that have higher amounts.