Getting ideas for 2017


I’m thinking of in 2017 making a room in my garage 10x12 or so. Thinking of growing some autos and my veggies in this space, 18/6 lights. It’s been about a billion years since I did hydro last.

So the question is what would be the best setup for this kind of grows?


are you more comfortable growing in hydro or in soil?

which setup do you have the equipment for?

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I did hydro for 5 years way back in the 80’s and don’t remember much. I had a huge reef tank and maintained others and love the total control I had like hydro. I made water added everything down to trace elements. This is why I want to do hydro again. It was kinda like @Usmcjojo system he got without the digital stuff. @Oak I hope my stoned ramblings make any sense. I have nothing. Want to start fresh

well…folks with experience get faster results with hydro… but I think soil is less expensive and more stable. Since you are just getting back into growing I would setup with soil for my first big grow or two… then once I had my legs under me and got everything dialed in…I would spend my last veg cycle studying hydro methods, and my last flower cycle acquiring hydro supplies…then go hydro once I had a fat stash of tasty buds to keep my blood pressure down while I got hydro dialed in.


the best and simplest is RDWC .for hydro .

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