Getting Hash to Melt

So I recently had posted a topic talking about my bubble blunder and the issues I had but I am glad to say I had my first good Bubble run which is awesome! Its great quality hash and smokes good but it just doesn’t melt at all, not one bit. I looked under a microscope and its all nice heads but it isn’t melting. It just seems to ember up and then its ash its very strange, any ideas to what could be happening would help!


I dont smoke the hash. I press it out in a micron bag and smoke the wax from it. U can use a hair straitner to press hash. Put a ball in a micron bag and put between parchment paper press for a few seconds. Ive always had issues smoking hash myself as it always stays a huge clump

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I shave hash with a razor blade. It creates what is mostly a powder that can be sprinkled in your bowl.


I aldo micriplane my bubble and press it but if I smoke it I’ll pack half a bowl then put some hash and mix it then the next half of weed and mix more hash in. That’ll help it burn even and not clump up.


I put my bubble hash in the freezer over night and I use a micro plane to grate it into a powder. You can sprinkle the grated hash into a bowl, joint, blunt and it should burn just fine.

I usually don’t smoke Bubble Hash I dab it, because what I get at a dispensary is Full Melt or Half Melt quality and that’s what I am trying to achieve with my Bubble runs but I can’t seem to get that at all.

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