Getting close to transplant.....question


I have 3 young plants growing currently. 2 of them are 15 days old and are just starting to poke a few roots out of the bottom of their 4" seedling pots. I know transplant is soon. The 3rd plant is only 8 days old and I’d like to catch her up a little and transplant them all at once. Can I put off my older plants a week or so without any problems?

I’m pretty sure my older plants aren’t rootbound yet but they are growing aggressively. I would expect their growth to slow a bit as the roots fill the pot but I was hoping this might give my younger plant a chance to catch up some.

I probably wouldn’t let them go more than a couple weeks either way, and it’s not a big deal if I have to transplant at different times, but being so close in age, I’d like to get them on the same schedule.


Yes you can let them hold off an additional week without harming them


By the end, you may not see a difference.


I grow plants 1 to 2 feet tall in solo cups before transplant … :wink:
Make sure to aerate the cup very well… (think cloth pot)… :wink: same idea… :wink:

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I have seen the solo cups “aerated”, but I have not had success growing anything in a non-permeable container. Jiffy pots are $4.99 a dozen…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrifty. But it’s like the tires on your car, quality matters. I am always looking for any good ideas for home-stuff nutrients and such like egg-shells, coffee grounds, banana peel…